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  1. Using those tools, do I have to worry about data duplication?
  2. Recently, I decided to consolidate my setup. The parity drive has been upgraded, and replaced, from a 4TB to a 12TB. In addition, my data drives are 4 x 3TB. I purchased another 12TB drive to be used as a data drive. I would consolidate all the data from the 4 X 3TB drives to the one 12TB. Eventually, I will add a 3rd 12TB data drive. I've seen a video from YouTube and suggest using Krusader and sync the each of the 3TB disks to the 12TB disks. Is this best way or there are other methods? I'd look at the Wiki for shrinking array but it still mentions that I need to move the data manually. Thanks!
  3. According to TechReport, it uses a chip from Aquantia.
  4. Even though it's a fairly new NIC, does anyone know if UnRAID will support it?
  5. I'm following this thread as I'm looking to upgrade my E5-2670.
  6. Not sure if you decided on a case already, but I have the H440 Razer Edition. Currently, I have a total of 5 HDs (see signature for more details) and 1 SSD. Not too long ago, I was running a total of 9 HDs. With the H440, the hard disk trays can mount 2 3.5" disks (one on top and another on the bottom). The 3 120MM fans, that are mounted in the front, provide plenty of air to keep the drives cool. Also, I'd keep an ambient temperature of 72 degrees. The disk temperatures rarely exceed 32C-34C. Hopefully this helps.
  7. I made the switch to UnRAID last November. Before the switch, I was running and using FreeNAS on an I3. The Xeon (now UnRAID) was my primary PC and it was used for gaming and VMs. The VMs were being hosted on Oracle VirtualBox. I was happy with my setup, but I realize that FreeNAS has some limitations. A friend of my mine has been using UnRAID for over 6 years and he's been happy with it. So I checked out the site and was impressed with what it can do. I was immediately sold on it's ability to host VMs and be a NAS at the same time. Also, the dockers was another plus. Shortly after some testing, I decided to go live with it. I converted my existing Xeon box to the UnRAID box and my new main PC is an I7-4790K. The old FreeNAS box was converted to a pfSense. pfSense was running on an old single core Celeron. Ever since I made the switch, I'ver been very happy with it.