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  1. THank you both so much for taking the time to help me out. Much appreciated! Seems all is well now and I am very grateful.
  2. Seems like removing system temp stopeed it from spamming every 5 seconds. just got this error now. I assume its benign and just complaining about me nuking a running process?
  3. I'll have a look. Thusfar I haven't wanted to mess with anything until I got some feedback as I don't want to break anything. Thanks for the response
  4. Hey everyone, my logs seem to be getting spammed by an SMBus error and I'm not sure how to proceed. I checked the forums and all I could find were things relating to the fans. Attached are my logs. I appreciate the help! * (Version: 6.8.3 ) - M tower-syslog-20200408-2201.zip
  5. Just to update and add, I had similar issue after the 6.5.1 update. All I had to do was re-map the port bindings so that there was no conflict. (In this case the contested port was 443 which is also used by nginx, even though it was not an issue before.) Rebuilt the image and now all is well. TL:DR Check your port mappings and bindings before complaining about stuff not working. Also, support threads FTW./
  6. Any chance you would be able to point me to a solid resource on getting MQTT talking to another docker then?
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I was actually able to do it much more simply. I went in to CMD then MC and then into the MQTT directory and used ```touch passwords.txt``` to create the file then I edited it and saved and restarted the docker. So, that worked. However, I can not for the life of me get MQTT to actually contol what is happening in Homeassistant. Using MQTTfx, I can see that both the HA docker and the MQTT docker are talking to each other as evidenced by me hitting a switch to activate a device from within HA. The input is shown in MQTT.fx but there is no actual state change for the device I am trying to control. Very odd. By state change, I mean the physical device does not actually respond in any way, ie. turn on/off.
  8. I am also trying to get MQTT working in Homeassistant and can not seem to do it. I have it working perfectly on my Pi3 but in my UNraid docker it refuses to work. Also, since my install is in appdata/mqtt/ I can not run dockersafe new permissions. Which is rough because I also can not see any files inside that directory even though it is shared. If I use MC, I can see everything but I don't know enough to get in and create the new file for passwords in there. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  9. @Squid All went well, thank you again for your time! :thumbsup:
  10. @Squid Will do that now, thank you for your help.
  11. Not to sound like a complete tool but how do I do that and will it nuke all my metadata and other info for my dockers? @Squid
  12. My cache is a single drive and is formatted as btrfs same as in the docs and all my data drives are xfs. I literally have not changed a thing and it was all showing good the day before so I am lost on what could be the issue.
  13. I am also having this issue. I appended the changes you linked above @Squid I would appreciate it if you could take a look at my logs though. Hoping it is nothing serious.... tower-diagnostics-20170911-0813.zip
  14. I just got the same thing when I checked today. Any help would be appreciated as I have not changed anything in my configuration and things have been running well. tower-diagnostics-20170911-0813.zip
  15. I know I am into some serious thread necro here, but I had to post to say, you sir, are my hero. This fixed the issues I was having after a botched install of another docker. Sadly, my backups did not migrate back over as I had hoped , but all else went smooth as silk. Thank you!