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  1. I'm building my first NAS using unRaid and plan to run a Windows 10 VM for use as an HTPC The motherboard that I will be using, an Asus H170M-Plus, has a M.2 slot that can accept either PCIe based SSDs. If I choose to buy a PCIe SSD, Could I pass this drive through for the exclusive use of Windows rather than running the VM off of my cache drives? Has anybody tried it? Would it be any different then passing through any other PCIe device? Thanks for any help/answers you can offer Paul
  2. I'm going to be using an Asus H170M-Plus consumer motherboard in my system as I've heard that Asus MBs are reliable and have very good quality. I will not being any of the really crazy stuff that Linus does, it's just that I had never really thought much about VMs before "Two Gamers, One CPU". I mean, I knew that VMs existed but thought that it was a server/data center thing. I was just going to use a single 8GB DIMM of regular non-ECC DDR4 Memory, giving UnRaid 2GB and the VM 6GB, and see how it ran, possibly adding another 8GB module if it was needed. I knew that there really wasn't going to be much, if any, performance gain over getting the i5 over the i3. The only real advantage of the i5 is that it has 4 physical cores. I was more in physical cores versus hyperthreaded.
  3. Hi I'm looking at parts for my first NAS and I'm having a little trouble making a decision on which CPU I should use. Originally, I was going to just build a NAS, using a 6th Gen Skylake Intel i3-6100, which has two core, four threads However, after watching some of the stuff Linus Sebastian has been doing with UnRaid, I now want to also run a Windows 10 VM to use as an HTPC. My concern is that, even though it does support Visualization, the i3 will not really be up to the task when it effectively cut in half into two single core hyperthreaded CPUs. I'm wondering if it would be better to buy the entry level Core i5, the i5-6400, which has four physical core but no hyperthreading, for about another NZ$100 over the price of the i3? Even though it's clock speed is a GHz lower, with four physical cores, each system can have a dual core processor. Thanks for reading and I look forward to any advice you have Paul