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  1. Now this is probably me just being stupid. I have a Synology Disk Station, running as my primary large datatank. Works great no complaints. I've enabled NFSv4, both machines are on the same subnet. I'm trying to connect unRAID 6.3.1 to access a NFSv4 share on the Synology NFSv3 working Synology :/etc/exports -> /volume1/Media,async,no_wdelay,insecure,no_root_squash,insecure_locks,sec=sys,anonuid=65534,anongid=65534) unRAID: /boot/config/go -> mount 192.168.x.x:/volume1/Media /mnt/Media When I try mount -o vers=4 192.168.x.x:/volume1/Media /media/Media I get error "mount.nfs: Protocol not supported"
  2. My setup Other NAS ~20TB of HDD RAID NFS Shares NASunRAIDSynology Size~400GB SSD 4+1 Array (200GB NVMe Cache)20TB HDD 5+1 Array My unRAID box runs my PLEX docker which accesses its data from a local unRAID folder which is a NFS shared folder on the Synology Array. I want to implement cachefilesd on my unRAID box to leverage the faster SSD read speed and reduce network overhead, for streaming media.
  3. I'm trying to get my GPU Passthrough and USB Passthrough to work. I've attached a working VNC unRAID XML and a working GPU&USB pass thru Windows10 XML. Could someone with a few more brain cells than me, give me a hint as to how to configure these to work. I tried using the edit GUI but because there isn't an OSX template is destroys all the custom XML, is there a way of creating a template specifically for OSX? OSX_Original.txt unRAIDWindows10.txt
  4. Might not have made myself clear. I want my Windows10 machine while I'm gaming to have dedicated CPU cores so that I don't drop frames and actually enjoy my gaming experience. When the VM is off, then allow PLEX to use the full range of cores available to it. VM ON: Docker PLEX 3 Cores + HT Windows 10 VM 3 Cores + HT VM OFF: Docker PLEX 6 Cores + HT Windows 10 VM 0 Cores OFF
  5. I would like to have a VM assigned to my power on button on my unRAID box, or have a USB mini keyboard attached that at a press of a button would start the assigned VM. On pressing the power button to my machine a VM with the button assigned would start, the power button for the duration of the VMs life will be assigned to this VM. or an externally accessible API, that I could program some commands to from another device, iPhone,Webpage etc. with easier control than having to fiddly page through the unRAID web interface.
  6. Limit Docker images to use Specific CPU Cores (Threads) I run PLEX on my i7 but I also use the machine with a Windows 10 Gaming Machine installed using 3 of the cores for the VM but I'd like to set a dynamic usage for PLEX when gaming machine is running then reduce running cores on PLEX or set a lower CPU priority to the docker containers over a VM image.