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  1. lowering ram speed from 3000mhz to 2133 fixed the problem
  2. Im running a Win10 WM on unraid 6.5.3 the wm have alot og random game crashes (without error message) and some blue screens every bluescreen have different reassons why so i ran a memmory test on wm that found errors when i ran the same test when booted from the nvme directly that the vm boots from there are no errors AMD Ryzen 7 1800X MSI - X370 GAMING PRO (MS-7A33) Corsair Vengeance LED Red DDR4-3400 QC - 32GB ASUS Geforce GTX 1080 Ti ROG Poseidon (vm Card) Gainward GTX 650 Ti Boost samsung 960 EVO 500GB M.2 PCIe SSD (vm Boot Drive) tower-diagnostics-20180804-0736.zip
  3. this worked can i do this to add both e1000 ? <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x04' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </source> </hostdev>' <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x04' slot='0x00' function='0x1'/> </source> </hostdev>
  4. here is the diagnostic info tower-diagnostics-20171022-2036.zip
  5. i have HVM: Enabled and IOMMU: Enabled when i manage my wm i cant choose my nic i have 4 network ports in unraid dashbord so i know unraid finds the card
  6. thx after disabling virtualization all drives work in unraid
  7. i have 2x Marvell 88SE9230 based sata controllers all drives shows in bios and windows, none of the drives shows in unraid.
  8. my motherboard is an old hp motherboard with dual x5472 cpu the sata controller is a gen 2 sata controller that bottleneck my array
  9. im running 6 drives on my motherboards sata controller can i move the drives to 2x pcie sata cards without loosing data?