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  1. So after installing a cache drive and pointing everything to /mnt/cache it seems the corruption has stopped. I even downloaded multiple shows (around 50) and no issues. Normally if I process about 10 shows in say 10 min my plex is guarantee to be corrupted. I guess this doesn’t really help the root cause just another confirmation using a cache can/may resolve it for some people. Will update if i do get a corruption in the near future.
  2. I just did a complete rebuilt CPU, MOBO and RAM (1155 to 1151-CL) and the corruption is still happening, so unless the corruption is hardware specific due to PSU and HDD i have ruled out the rest (i don't have anything else plugged in). I do have a SSD coming in just so i don't have to put up with the corruption (Got to keep the wife happy when Plex goes down and i don't have a PC near me to sort it out!), though my corruption with this not as frequent as some users (had my first yesterday which is close to 2 weeks since i did the rebuilt and only because i downloaded a whole new show and there was about 50 episodes that plex had to add in a short span of time). ps. I have also tried moving to DiskX and it still gets corrupted so lets hope Cache drive fix it - otherwise ill just have to permanently downgrade to 6.6.7 (would miss the nice UI )
  3. haha i feel you - i was extremely motivated when it was dying every day but now with 2-3 weeks in between, there is not much motivation and hopefully this gets sorted out by the dev team!
  4. I should probably clarify I do keep the 3 days backup from Plex as well as a daily app data backup. Is just restoring from backup is a pain as depending on how close I am to the 3 days backup I will lose tv shows progress (our household consume a lot) or I will need to extract the app data backup. Much easier for me to just run a single script to drop a couple of index, dump the db and rebuild as it will take me less then a minute.
  5. Ah that sucks - with so many variation definitely to pin point exactly what is going on. I haven't done any of the suggested fix as I am still waiting for my coffee lake replacement to come in (US to Aus from Amazon is taking unusually long gonna take almost 4 weeks....) Once I have fully rebuild my unRaid server with proper parts i can join in the testing.
  6. Well I would be happy to get a cache drive if it resolve the issue but waiting on more confirmation. Also unRaid should probably specify that cache drive is a necessity and not optional if that is the case.
  7. No cache drive and my appdata is still using "user" instead of "diskX" Haven't bothered changing the above as it seems people are still experiencing issue anyway. I believe from reading this thread even people with cache drive is also experiencing the same issue?
  8. Yes I still don't know exactly what corrupts it as obviously my plex will scan new files just fine (i do about 3-5 new episodes every day for the shows that sonarr track and others on top so is fairly regular for me) and is only yesterday after 3 weeks that it occurred. This show with regards to probability in my case that chance of corruption is fairly low.
  9. I wouldn't say this fix this issue but it mitigate/reduce the corruption as mine just corrupted again last night (but its been 3 weeks since the last one and the previous corruption before then was about 2-3 weeks too). From what I can tell you guys are experiencing corruption a lot more frequent? From what I can tell it seems that it only gets corrupted when plex does too many queries/update/insert in a short span of time. By only doing hourly scan it seems to be less prone to corruption. I only notice this when I was redownloading all my files to 265 and I would get corruption every 30-60 min which lead me to the above and it seems to work. So obviously there is a bigger underlying issue that still need to be fixed but at least now it has become less annoying... Hopefully one the dev can figure it out. ps. I have given up in using backup - now i just dump the db and rebuild the db from the dump. A lot easier to restore it and I can probably make a script to trigger this but i haven't been bothered as it doesn't happen as often.
  10. Am I the only one that have "solved/mitigated" the issue so far by disabling the connection between sonarr/radarr to plex and just doing a manual hourly scan for new files. Have anyone tried the above and have eliminated or reduced the occurrence of corruption? It has been almost 3 weeks since my last corruption now. I also figured out my radarr db corruption completely unrelated i had to dump it and remove a few values that was causing an issue and it is working fine after recompiling it.
  11. Don't think the developers of those application would be keen in re-developing their app in MariaDB just for unRaid!
  12. When your plex no longer work and you check the log and it says is corrupted
  13. I have been experiencing this since I upgraded to 6.7.0 (i think i posted in one of the reddit post as someone had this issue on reddit). The thing that has reduce the amount of corruption for me was to turn off notification from sonarr and radarr to plex when a new episode and/or movie gets downloaded (can't remember the exact name for this). It seems when plex trys to update its DB every minute or two it corrupts the db? I now just have a library scan every hour and i think i only had a corruption or two in the last month since I did this. ps. I have started a fresh plex, sonarr and radarr and it still does it and i haven't changed my config to diskX as it is still in user. pss. My radarr is completely screwed though the db is always corrupted and you need to restart the docker to fix it but it dies fairly quickly after that but i have just given up and since movies doesn't come out that often I am not to fussed. Haven't look into this as my board carked it a week ago and i am currently running unRaid with a jerry rigged hardware with the bare minimum to get it going. Waiting on replacement to arrive before trying to look into this again.
  14. Hopefully someone could enlighten me - i have been trying to use this plugin and i have tried all version of libreelec that is available and I keep getting Checking MD5's: failed! I am running Unraid 6.6.1 and I have been crawling through this thread, the forum and google in general and cannot find any information as to why this is the case. **update** fixed it by looking at install.php and finding out what to download and where to copy the downloaded file. No idea why the install script fail at the md5 check... **update #2** looks like I can't seem to get the adapter driver to detect, currently using Sony PlayTV as my tuner and as per the earlier post it seems that 6.5.3 is the version that works but I am getting the following. Any suggestion? **update #3** After spending the last day trying to figure this out - finally found an obscure post with regards to the Sony PlayTV not working correctly when using USB 3.0 ports - plugged it into my USB 2.0 port and it shows that is detected!