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  1. I am sick and tired of dumping north of 300 bucks on replacement hard drives which regularly fail after 2 years (despite being enterprise seagate ones). Since my data hoarding is mild (< 1TB) I am going to wing it and simply spin up 4x500GB SSDs array without parity until official support lands. Even if trim is disabled I think I'll survive for plenty of years (don't remember the last time I actually deleted something from the array, for frequent changing data I rely on SSD cache drives anyway). The reason I'm doing this is purely out of longevity issues with mechanical drives and the specific use I make of my storage space. As for parity, well I'm going to risk it, based on the fact that in > 8 years of SSD usage I had zero bit rot and zero failures. So, thanks for confirming that you had no trouble with an SSD array without parity, that's all the reassurance I needed to get rid of the anxiety of expensive mechanical drives failing on me yet again!
  2. Funny thing is: with the anniversary update your license would be bound to your Microsoft Account, and you wouldn't need to do much to reactivate your copy, beside logging in with your MSA and do the equivalent of the old phone reactivation. That is, if you have a retail copy, since OEM copies go in the trash if a massive hardware change is detected. So if you have retail, go with whatever makes the update work first so it can bind your license to the MSA, then you can start fresh.
  3. That did it! Thanks, I never fiddled with the terminal-type before, always left it unchanged. To be honest I've never looked into how terminal emulation is accomplished, hence my ignorance in solving this problem. Thank you very much for your help!
  4. I didn't, the only other time I dropped down to the shell before was to partition and format the cache ssd with btrfs. I currently have an ubuntu 16.04 LTS server installed, and my TERM is putty there too. Also: 1) I had a login where everything was working, but I exited before thinking about looking at the TERM var 2) Using putty Release 0.67
  5. Hello guys, I'm currently in my month of trial and have just finished the first parity sync and started bringing up some docker apps. At some point I wanted to edit directly some config files, and I thought to go and edit directly via the shared "appdata" folder in SMB, no luck, files there cannot be read. Second stop was logging in via ssh to edit them, but to my surprise I couldn't use either nano or vi, the first reporting a "Error opening terminal: putty." and vi starting but having big issues. I thought at first I had somehow created a putty session with some wrong configurations, but I tried cloning another working session and while every other machine works, on unRAID I just cannot edit files via ssh (or telnet). Since I haven't been able to find anything on the forums about this, I'm forced to create a new thread, I've never had anything like this happen to me and cannot find a way to fix it. root@Tower:~# echo $TERM putty root@Tower:~# echo $SHELL /bin/bash root@Tower:~# nano dead.letter Error opening terminal: putty. root@Tower:~# vi dead.letter skipping 1 old session file reading dead.letter Read dead.letter, 21 lines, 312 chars ** nothing shows unless I scroll down by pressing enter until the EOF ** Any ideas? Cheers