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  1. Thank you so much Johnnie, I have been trying to find something like this. Rebuilding the Parity now.
  2. Hi, After successfully doing the Parity Swap Procedure to increase my Parity Drive from 4TB to 12TB and the Rebuild successful, I have attempted to install a PCIe card to increase my Sata ports to 4 more, then installed a new 12TB data drive. Currently running Version 6.3.1 (will be upgrading as soon as all issues are fix first). When booting my server back up, the Parity Drive is now showing as being Disabled, I have done the 'SMART extended self-test' which was completed without error. How do enable the Parity Drive again? I have attached the SMART test log. I appreciate any help. deelaa-smart-20200525-2300.zip
  3. I will start a new post asking about my next issue.
  4. Parity Check finished: Duration: 2 days, 17 hours, 34 minutes, 11 seconds. Average speed: 50.8 MB/sec
  5. fair enough, also need to ensure I back up the flash drive before hand.
  6. Is there any issues with upgrading the Unraid to the latest version whilst the Array is rebuilding?
  7. Update.... The Parity Swap Procedure worked, which took around 18 hours. Now it is rebuilding the Array, which should be done in about 10 hours.
  8. Update... After more reading, I'm convinced the start of my path is to remove the dead 4TB Data Drive first and install the 12TB Drive and apply the 'Swap Parity' method. I have started the process using the instructions I read here: https://wiki.unraid.net/The_parity_swap_procedure I will post my progress once the rebuilding is complete.
  9. Hi All, A friend and I built my server about 4 years ago and he had all the knowledge and I just helped out, so my I am little (very) green with how things are working. I have a few questions and the order in which I should do what needs to be done. Firstly my setup is (Unraid 6.3.1) 1 x 120GB SSD Cache Drive, 4 x 4TB Storage Drives, 1 x 4TB Parity Drive, so all 6 Sata ports on my motherboard are in use. Currently sitting at about 15TB used, so I have been wanting/needing to upgrade the storage and Parity Drives anyway. One of the Storage drives has the red cross and doesn't spin up, so I have purchased 2 x 12TB drives (1 to increase the parity drive and 1 to replace the storage drive). I have opened the case and found that I have another 4TB Drive not pluged in (as I forgot I previously added a drive without realising the I didn't have anymore ports), so I unsure of the status of this other drive. I have had a read and see that I could do a 'Parity Swap' to put the larger drive in. What I would like to achieve is: 1) Increase my Parity Drive to the new 12TB Drive 2) Remove and replace the damaged 4TB drive with the other new 12TB drive. 3) Increase the number of sata ports with a PCI Express (is this possible to do and is there any negative impacts on doing so?) any recommendations? 4) If increasing the sata ports is possible, to change the existing 4TB Parity Drive to a storage drive. 5) Upgrade to latest Unraid. I'm guessing the best time to do this would be after the damaged drive has been replace and the parity rebuilt? Thank you in a advance, I appreciate any help. Clint
  10. It also appears that there is some information on that Flash Drive with regards to my config and settings for the apps that were on the Cache Drive, is this relevant or useful?
  11. Is this what you are after? Seriously a mission for a noob, lol pretty happy I have gotten this far. syslog.txt
  12. Sorry mate, not sure what you mean by terminal. The server is just the tower, which I access via the IP address on a web browser on my normal PC.
  13. Cheers, I will definitely update it when this is done. I have read the help section (which I should have read first), and I have rebooted since posting this Also, I can't seem to find the Diagnostics under tools, is it somewhere else on my version?