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  1. I know that but did you see the video to the end? Gridrunner's cpu shows correct cpu(Xeon,not Penryn- i think?) in About this mac. @gridrunner could you please run this command sysctl -n machdep.cpu.brand_string ..to see if it display correct cpu model.Thank you
  2. Thank you very much for this guide the performance of this "VM" is amazing (and with 0 aditional kexts WTF ). I know how much time it took and how much time you saved for alot of people.Thank you for that. I have one question..did anyone passthrough entire integrated usb pci controller with success? ..whatever i try it doesnt work..integrated motherboard sound passthrough works great (alc662,with patched applehda) And why is my About this mac showing core2duo(i have sandy bridge i5 2400)? I dont have anything extra in my xml that define cpu(only at the end,qemu: penryn) Btw if anyone has a problem with Ethernet showing disconnected - you have to edit your xml under ethernet device - address type - put the slot number higher (for example slot=0x05).I lost couple of hours trying everything i could think off until i found this solution somwhere on google EDIT: just seen that gridrunner already pointed out this in another thread.serves me right for not reading everything first
  3. Yes you can change branch again you change branch within webui and update(when new stable version comes out)
  4. I found a way im a real hacker..i know You need to change branch in web gui to Developer or EAP and then update (within webgui by clicking the notification about new version after you change branch) And then, you have to restart docker (after updating) from unRaid btw thank you sparklyballs and the whole Linuxserver.io crew for this docker and all of the other amazing dockers
  5. Did anyone having problem tried this: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/gbanin/2013/06/25/how-to-install-hyper-v-on-a-virtual-machine-in-hyper-v/ Please test if you can and post results
  6. Works better on xenial ? will the other dockers be rebased from alpine to xenial? P.S. Thanks for all your work.Really appreciate
  7. In plexus add on go to settings...under acestream tab. change engine from local to valdik ss proxy..change ip to unraid ip and change engine port to docker port (default 8000)..and enjoy Leave ttv url EMPTY
  8. nothing..thats the point of plexus..theres a lot of addons for kodi that use plexus (castaway,sportsdevil etc)..plexus is just a program that sends the content from this addons to your acestream engine.google is your friend
  9. Just to confirm that works great in kodi with plexus In plexus add on go to settings...under acestream tab...change engine from local to valdik ss proxy..change ip to unraid ip and change engine port to docker port (default 8000)..and enjoy Thank you sparklyballs for this awesome docker..now my odroid c2 can finally replace rpi
  10. Can this work with plexus kodi addon?