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    Czech translation

    Hi. I was just wondering that making a Czech translation might be a good project. @pavuucek pls let me know if I can assist, make revisions or dig a bit deeper
  2. Hello. I'm desperately trying to install my printer in CUPS in unRaid. My printer is Canon i Sensys MF 4150 and wasn't able to install it in CUPS (there is no driver for my model). I even found a PPD that is needed if installing the printer driver from a file but the page says problem with installing the script. Could anyone please help me out? CNCUPSMF4100ZS.ppd
  3. Hi there! Is there anyone who could help me out with setup a live TV stream via Evolveo Mars to Plex? I was thinking about somehow installing drivers for the Mars in unraid, but I’m not able to pass the signal thru. The goal is to watch live tv via plex (free version). thx guys
  4. That was exactly what I meant ! Thx for all replies guys :)
  5. Hello. Having running my unRaid server for several months, I must say I`m very satisfied with the overall system. The only thing that`s still bothering me is the network write/read speed. Having 5 disks in the array (6tb parity + 4x6tb data), average speed on write tends to be 35-65 Mbit/s. My disk setup has XFS as default file system . Specs: - 4x WD RED + 1x Seagate Archive - 1 gb network card + 1 gb switch - 8 gm RAM - i3 CPU - ALL HDDs RUN ON SATA (MBs chipset) I`d like to raise some questions: 1) Can I somehow speed up my network write/read speed? (I mean copying data via SAMBA over 1gb ethernet switch) 2) Is my array set in some sort of RAID or does XFS work more like JBOD? Thax for your help :)
  6. Thx to both of you, I got a new ordered
  7. Hello! Yesterday I recieved a notification about the health of my array. According to the unRaid I cannot reassign my parity drive as it seems faulty. I am attatching the last thorough SMART test of the faulty parity drive. Is there anyone who could me help me interpret the data it spitted out? Plus, resolve whether to zero-erase the drive and reuse or buy a new one and smash the old one? Thx mediaserver-smart-20180326-1625.zip
  8. This is the best OpenVPN plugin I've ever encountered! Hell of a job....though it needs some study before running it the way you want. Keep up the good work man!!! Appreciate your doing.
  9. Hi there! Is there someone to help me out with setting up Slack notification? A step-by-step manual would help a lot ? Many thanks
  10. Hi there! Is there any chance to install apps from web to docker even if there is no access to a repository? I`m seriously interested in Aria2 as it`s a DM with webUI, http and torrent support in a neat coat. I`d welcome REALLY any help from anyone who could provide a simple ``guide`` how to install this: https://github.com/ziahamza/webui-aria2 Please note I have limited knowledge of how to get around with Linux. Thank you!