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  1. Ow, well that explains it... Strange that no other computer turned off at that time. But awesome help! What file did you find that information in?
  2. Hi, as the text describes I just did a sync and it gave me 3812 errors. I don't know what to do at this point. See diagnostic file
  3. How meany would be an "okey" number of allocated blocks?
  4. Downloaded the S.M.A.R.T. data after running a check on the drive. nano-smart-20180424-0747.zip
  5. Hi, I just got this message. (reallocated sector ct is 1) I understand the message, the question I am asking myself is: how sever is it, and should I be concerned? Should I take any action? It is from my cache disk.
  6. @unevent Thanx for the reply. I switched to Mode 0 (balanced-rr), I did not see any performance gain, I am using windows 8 with a 10gbit connection, and I am transferring between two ssd drives (unraid Cash disk). I have confirmed that the Windows machine is capable to do transfers of upp to almost 4gbit to my ISCSi server that have a LAG of 4x1gbit nics. Might I be missing any setting within unraid and balanced-RR that I should configure?
  7. Hi, I am using Unraid setup with dual nic in the following configuration (see image below). It looks like I am only able to achieve 1 gbit per file transfer. I wanna achieve 2 gbit. Switch is set up to accept LACP from the unraid server.
  8. I am running 6.5.0 Stable, is that also affected ?
  9. * mover runs every day. * I will look into the minimum space settings. * How do I disable mover logging?
  10. Hi, my SHFS uses up to 100% all of the time. What do I do?
  11. Okey, I will do that, thanx for now. Many thanx to you Johnnie and trurl for all the help. Lets hope that everything works now :-D If not you will soon know
  12. Okey, I did it one more time "xfs_repair -n /dev/md1 && echo ${PIPESTATUS[0]}". this returned the exit code 0 (Se printout above) Is it anything else I should look into. Or should I re-run the parity check, and accept all the error (for this time).And then continue as normal, if no more errors occur after that?
  13. When I did it from within unraids webGUI according to the instructions provided by @trurl, I get this output for disk 1.
  14. @johnnie.black My bad, I tried, but since I recived an error that I could not run on that device, I googled and it sugested that I would do it with "sde1". So I just asume that that was the correct way to do it :-p I will put unraid in maintenance mode and give it a try within an hour, and we will see if that gives an other result. Just to confirm: have i in anyway damaged the file-system by running xfs_repair on sde1 (note, sde1 is Data Disk 1)