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  1. Here syslog Error msg Apr 28 17:19:43 Tower rsyncd[2924]: bind() failed: Address already in use (address-family 2) Apr 28 17:19:43 Tower rsyncd[2924]: socket(10,1,6) failed: Address family not supported by protocol Apr 28 17:19:43 Tower rsyncd[2924]: unable to bind any inbound sockets on port 873 Apr 28 17:19:43 Tower rsyncd[2924]: rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at socket.c(541) [receiver=3.0.4]
  2. Cyrnel Some more additional info. my thought process was to setup rsync in unraid box as a server and deltacopy as client running in various PC's. I will then schedule backup run using deltacopy. But right now I am trying to test rsync @ unRaid and make sure it is setup correctly at the server end. 1. my rsyncd.conf is setup in /boot/custom/etc and /etc as described in the forum topic uid = root gid = root use chroot = no max connections = 4 pid file = /var/run/rsyncd.pid timeout = 600 log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log [backup] path = /mnt/disk1/backup comment = /mnt muthu files read only = FALSE list = yes 2. my S20-init.rsyncd file stored in /boot/custom/etc/rc.d/ #!/bin/bash if ! grep ^rsync /etc/inetd.conf > /dev/null ; then cat <<-EOF >> /etc/inetd.conf rsync stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/bin/rsync --daemon EOF read PID < /var/run/inetd.pid kill -1 ${PID} fi cp /boot/custom/etc/rsyncd.conf /etc/rsyncd.conf 3. Go Script I added a line /boot/custom/etc/rc.d/s20-init.rsyncd Now I tried to check running rsync @ unRaid I am getting the above error. your direction is appreciated.
  3. Cyrnel Thanks. Here is the post that I was referring to. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=2165.0 I did setup rsyncd.conf file and S20-init.rsyncd files as described. I also added a line to the go script. Still not working and I getting error as I mentioned in my previous post. Thanks for the help
  4. Newbie here. Thanks for the Great forum and unRaid community , I was able to setup my unRaid server and is working great. Intial setup is small 2X2TB Drive and a 2TB parity drive. I plan to expand later once initial kinks are resolved.. Past few days I have been trying to setup rsync so that i can backup all my PC's( 1 PC and 2 Laptops) important files to unRaid server everyday. All my PC's are either win 64 machines or Vista. Installed Delta copy in all these machines. I read every topic on rsync in this forum(Tibbar-WeeboTech) but still rsync is not working in my setup. I have setup rsyncd.conf file and s20-init.rsyncd file as well as described. Here is the error that I am getting. I am complete noob to linux. so please help me. root@Tower:/mnt/disk1/backup# /usr/bin/rsync rsync://Tower/ rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [receiver] rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(632) [receiver=3.0.4] I tried IP address as well still same error