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  1. I'm also thinking of just reinstalling UnRaid on the flash drive. UnRaid can "find" the old shares from the drives, can't it?
  2. However, at the time you grabbed the diagnostics you hadn't tried to start any VMs, which makes it impossible to diagnose your original problem. The problem is not not being able to connect to the VMs, I can't connect thorugh the WebGUI and I can't configure anything. I attached the whole .zip -file now. media-pc-diagnostics-20161111-0915.zip
  3. Sounds like a possible problem with the flash drive. Try doing a disk check on it in another computer. There was a problem with the flash drive, windows fixed it and now I have logs, I assume it is the syslog.txt inside the zip/logs -folder (attached). Still no network.cfg file in the config folder though... syslog.txt
  4. I typed diagnostics into the prompt (yes, the server boots fully and has a k/b attached), it said something like "boot/logs/something.zip" created, but there is not even a logs directory on the flash drive. Should I try to retry? Also, when I look into the config -folder, there is no network.cfg file. (It hasn't been generated?)
  5. My flash drive didn't have a network-rules.cfg file on it. I deleted the network.cfg and rebooted, however it did not help (no shares nor WebGUI). I'm kinda baffled how that didn't help it...
  6. Yes, I have. When trying to refresh the page the browser, it gives out a cached version(?). Connecting to the newly set IP it just gives out "site not found".
  7. I had some problems accessing my VMs under UnRaid and after some googling around I found that you have to have to change some network settings to be able to access them. So I changed the settings, added network bridge and configured a static ip, but after applying settings I couldn't access my network shares and the WebGUI would not reconnect. So I wonder if I could just plug a "default" config file (that I could not find anywhere) on the flash stick and 'fix' it. Any help would be appreciated.