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  1. Looks like the PIKE slot can be used as a x8 slot. I currently have an NVME SSD attached to it. Considering its a 4th gen with only x16 total lanes I have a wifi card a 10gb SFP card a firepro GPU an 8 port SAS card and a USB 3 card and I still have 2 regular PCI slots available.
  2. Was there any specific BIOS settings you had to set for UNRAID to work on your P9D/E4L? I moved mine from a supermicro board to this one hand now that im using all the pci-e slots, pike slot used as a x8 for a supermicro san adapter it hangs and wont boot as it goes throug the PCI devices.
  3. The rebuild finished with 0 errors
  4. Looks like the bios is up to date. I made the change over in slots, (My mistake I was thinking it was like my z97 board that does x8x4x4 in 3.0). I had also noticed the white sata ports on my board were improperly installed on the 3.0 slots instead of the 2.0 so I only put a 1tb drive on one of the 2.0 ports and used the 3.0 ports for the cache drives. I then installed all of the data drives, except the 1tb, on the SAS2LP card as it was rock solid reliable until i added a couple new drives last month and rewired for asthetics. It is now copying over @ 85mbps with no errors so far............
  5. So another error occurred. I did't restart and have attached a diagnostic file this time.
  6. 2 Days 4 Hours and 45 minutes to go. Thanks for your help.
  7. Sounds like a good solution. Soooooooooo how do you rebuild the drive and parity at the same time?
  9. Sorry! Was I supposed to put that in a text file?
  10. I cant make sense of this can anyone please help??? Its in the attached bmp. Its basically 2 faulty disks, one being a parity drive but everything including the files show ok??? New Bitmap Image.bmp
  11. I used Mellanox Connect X2 cards.
  12. I had success with Mellanox ConnectX2 cards.
  13. Just wanted to post my success with using two Mellanox ConnectX2 cards I purchased from ebay for $40. It even came with two cables. Anyways I just installed the cards and made the following configuration settings. 1. On Unraid box a. Shut off all VMs and take your array offline b. Go to Settings/Network settings and make sure you don’t have your new SFP card bonded to your primary nic c. Go to your SFP "interface eth #" and… i. Enable Bridge = No ii. Interface Description = 10G SFP+ Mellanox ConnectX-2 iii. IP Address assignment = Static iv. IP address = v. Network Mask = vi. Desired MTU "LEAVE BLANK" vii. Enable VLANS = NO d. APPLY e. Make sure the Port is Up. i. If the button to the right of Apply/Done says Port Down then your good. f. DONE 2. On Windows Box a. I did not need to install anything for this port/SFP/nic card to work properly b. Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network Connections c. Right Click your Mellanox SFP card and go to PROPERTIES d. Scroll down and click on properties for 'INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4 (TCP/IPv4) e. Enter a static IP of f. Enter a subnet Mask of g. Leave default gateway blank h. Open up a folder and in the address bar click i. Your username and password are the same as the root access for your unraid. i. Add your folders to your Start Menu or Quick Access and enjoy. j. You can also login to your Unraid console by typing in your web browser. 3. This should work exactly the same with any nic card, but I have not tested anything else. Im on Unraid 6.2 BTW P.S. after transferring some files on mechanical hard drives I have seen upwards of 5.2 gbs transfer speeds. I was wondering how a spinning hard drive could achieve this speed and thought maybe it was copying or reading from multiple discs as I use "High Water".