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  1. So after a hard shutdown and physically disconnecting the disks I was able to prevent autostart under disk settings to prevent the stuck on mounting issue and then reconnected the sata cables and was able to start in maintenance mode. In Maintenance mode was able to perform an xfs_repair -L on the corrupted disk and the array started up with no lost data. What an adventure. I didnt realize how much I used my server until it wasnt available. Next purchase will be a couple 22tb drives in another box just in case I go down again. Thanks for the help to the all on this thread.
  2. check filesystem doesnt work. Tried that before I had the mounting issue. I went ahead and did a hard shutdown and disconnected the sata cables then turned off autostart under settings - disk... then restarted and formatted the disk in question. The formatted drive says emulated but im still stuck on Mounting Disks. I think I need to go back to the previous version before this update. Is there a way to do that? Edit: I am currently trying to downgrade under the Tools - Update OS. It offered the option to go back to 6.12.5. Hopefully that does the trick. IO attached the diag zip
  3. So one of my drives read Unmountable. I have a Marvel HD controller but never had this happen till this update. I unmounted the disk and now the server is stuck on Mounting Disks... Prior to that I lost a lot as there was no parity emulation of the data either. I have dual parity and parity check was fine. I can only do a hard restart which I tried once but could not boot into safe mode and can not turn off autostart under Disk Settings. Im thinking I should stop the server manually and pull all the sata cables to start it up and then turn off the autostart and then shutdown and reattach the sata cables.....anyone know a better way? domain.cfg flash.cfg dockerapps.cfg cache.cfg docker.cfg smb-extra.conf super.dat network-rules.cfg ident.cfg network-extra.cfg network.cfg go.txt disk.cfg listen.txt vfio-pci.cfg Corsair_Voyager_3.0_0708458AAD940745-0-0-2023-11-27 flash (sda).txt ST8000DM004-2U9188_ZR157NKY-2023-11-27 parity (sdh).txt PNY_CS900_2TB_SSD_PNY23112303170108BE1-2023-11-27 cache2 (sdc).txt Samsung_SSD_870_QVO_2TB_S6R4NJ0T308804R-2023-11-27 cache (sde).txt WDC_WD40EFPX-68C6CN0_WD-WXK2AA2F3C3J-2023-11-27 disk3 (sdi).txt ST8000VN004-3CP101_WRQ0Y50A-2023-11-27 parity2 (sdl).txt ST3000DM001-1E6166_W1F3XYQQ-2023-11-27 disk2 (sdj).txt Samsung_SSD_840_Series_S14CNYACB04419B-2023-11-27 dockerapps2 (sdb).txt TOSHIBA_HDWE160_Z7G1KJ07F56D-2023-11-27 disk4 (sdk).txt OWC_Mercury_EXTREME_Pro_6G_SSD_MX6G12011E39E8754-2023-11-27 dockerapps (sdf).txt ST4000VN008-2DR166_ZDHBC2TM-2023-11-27 disk5 (sdd).txt Hitachi_HDS5C4040ALE630_PL1321LAGAW4MH-2023-11-27 disk1 (sdg).txt ST6000VN0041-2EL11C_ZA16L6X5-2023-11-27 (sdm).txt unraid-6.12.6.txt cmdline.txt btrfs-usage.txt nvidia-smi.txt drm.txt plugins.txt motherboard.txt iommu_groups.txt ntp.txt ethtool.txt folders.txt sshd.txt lsmod.txt lsscsi.txt thirdparty_packages.txt loads.txt testparm.txt memory.txt lspci.txt meminfo.txt lsusb.txt urls.txt top.txt ps.txt servers.conf.txt vars.txt lscpu.txt lsof.txt df.txt ifconfig.txt dhcplog.txt syslog.txt f-p.cfg M---c.cfg domains.cfg p------s.cfg isos.cfg W---------------------------t.cfg s---s.cfg S-----h.cfg system.cfg d----r.cfg shareDisks.txt D-------s.cfg a-----a.cfg K--i.cfg n-------d.cfg N-------e.cfg p------------e.cfg
  4. Looks like the PIKE slot can be used as a x8 slot. I currently have an NVME SSD attached to it. Considering its a 4th gen with only x16 total lanes I have a wifi card a 10gb SFP card a firepro GPU an 8 port SAS card and a USB 3 card and I still have 2 regular PCI slots available.
  5. Was there any specific BIOS settings you had to set for UNRAID to work on your P9D/E4L? I moved mine from a supermicro board to this one hand now that im using all the pci-e slots, pike slot used as a x8 for a supermicro san adapter it hangs and wont boot as it goes throug the PCI devices.
  6. The rebuild finished with 0 errors
  7. Looks like the bios is up to date. I made the change over in slots, (My mistake I was thinking it was like my z97 board that does x8x4x4 in 3.0). I had also noticed the white sata ports on my board were improperly installed on the 3.0 slots instead of the 2.0 so I only put a 1tb drive on one of the 2.0 ports and used the 3.0 ports for the cache drives. I then installed all of the data drives, except the 1tb, on the SAS2LP card as it was rock solid reliable until i added a couple new drives last month and rewired for asthetics. It is now copying over @ 85mbps with no errors so far............
  8. So another error occurred. I did't restart and have attached a diagnostic file this time.
  9. 2 Days 4 Hours and 45 minutes to go. Thanks for your help.
  10. Sounds like a good solution. Soooooooooo how do you rebuild the drive and parity at the same time?
  12. Sorry! Was I supposed to put that in a text file?
  13. I cant make sense of this can anyone please help??? Its in the attached bmp. Its basically 2 faulty disks, one being a parity drive but everything including the files show ok??? New Bitmap Image.bmp
  14. I used Mellanox Connect X2 cards.