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  1. Looks like the PIKE slot can be used as a x8 slot. I currently have an NVME SSD attached to it. Considering its a 4th gen with only x16 total lanes I have a wifi card a 10gb SFP card a firepro GPU an 8 port SAS card and a USB 3 card and I still have 2 regular PCI slots available.
  2. Was there any specific BIOS settings you had to set for UNRAID to work on your P9D/E4L? I moved mine from a supermicro board to this one hand now that im using all the pci-e slots, pike slot used as a x8 for a supermicro san adapter it hangs and wont boot as it goes throug the PCI devices.
  3. The rebuild finished with 0 errors
  4. Looks like the bios is up to date. I made the change over in slots, (My mistake I was thinking it was like my z97 board that does x8x4x4 in 3.0). I had also noticed the white sata ports on my board were improperly installed on the 3.0 slots instead of the 2.0 so I only put a 1tb drive on one of the 2.0 ports and used the 3.0 ports for the cache drives. I then installed all of the data drives, except the 1tb, on the SAS2LP card as it was rock solid reliable until i added a couple new drives last month and rewired for asthetics. It is now copying over @ 85mbps with no errors so far............
  5. So another error occurred. I did't restart and have attached a diagnostic file this time.
  6. 2 Days 4 Hours and 45 minutes to go. Thanks for your help.
  7. Sounds like a good solution. Soooooooooo how do you rebuild the drive and parity at the same time?
  9. Sorry! Was I supposed to put that in a text file?
  10. I cant make sense of this can anyone please help??? Its in the attached bmp. Its basically 2 faulty disks, one being a parity drive but everything including the files show ok??? New Bitmap Image.bmp
  11. I used Mellanox Connect X2 cards.
  12. I had success with Mellanox ConnectX2 cards.
  13. Just wanted to post my success with using two Mellanox ConnectX2 cards I purchased from ebay for $40. It even came with two cables. Anyways I just installed the cards and made the following configuration settings. 1. On Unraid box a. Shut off all VMs and take your array offline b. Go to Settings/Network settings and make sure you don’t have your new SFP card bonded to your primary nic c. Go to your SFP "interface eth #" and… i. Enable Bridge = No ii. Interface Description = 10G SFP+ Mellanox ConnectX-2 iii. IP Address assignment = Static iv. IP address =