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  1. Mmmh. I gonna get another pair of cable and try it again. I dont know sometimes one disk showed up then it disappeared... Should have gotten some more information beforehand.
  2. A quick question, DO I have to initialize a disk before putting it in? 1st I put in the 10tb disk right as got em, now after I formatted it under windows just for testing it shows up in unraid... at least something 🙂 Im gonna test this with the other disk later this day and I report back.
  3. Ah well it is an sas 8087 to sas 8087 backplane cable from dell. But I dont know If its important to have both backlanes connected. I just use Backplane b for the moment since the other sas cable doesnt fit physically. Cant really tell that they are spinning up. the fans are pretty noisy and the disk is pretty silent and the vibration is very low even when I connect it to an usb-sata adapter.
  4. Hello, I just got an R510 with 8 3.5" Bay. To get Rid of the internal Raid Controller I replaced iz with the one mentioned in the title. The card itself gets recognized by the system and by unraid as far I can tell. But non of the Disk show up in Unraid. Does someone had a similiar problem ? Would be glad for any help. Now I am going to try an Debian Live image if the disks wont shop up there too. tower-diagnostics-20190201-1328.zip
  5. Is there any information about the added input lag. Would be pretty interessting to me. Maybe you could do a partnership with yt/battlenonsense.