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  1. Yeah, think I'm good. The new version of Muximux is incompatible with the old version config files. I had to clear the /config dir.
  2. Seems to be a port issue too with the new version . I set -p 81:80 and it is not working. It worked last version. However, instead it is doing it in reverse... 37cc329a00ed linuxserver/muximux "/init" 21 seconds ago Up 13 seconds 443/tcp,>80/tcp muximux
  3. No VM's some dockers but all mappings are to cached drives. Just tried turning off ALL dockers and issue continues.
  4. Yeah so even /w cache on I am seeing spin up within seconds of spinning down. It seems something is writing, is there any possible way to track what is writing? I see small party write increases but I have no way to know what is doing the writes so far. The longest I have ever seen a full spin down is 30 seconds. From my knowledge what I have running shouldn't be actively writing... but something is, at least small amounts.
  5. So I think I completely misunderstood the cache system and had cache off on most of my shares. Hopefully that will fix my problem.
  6. I don't understand? It had a xfs file issue (unknown cause) and the xfs repair tool wouldn't fix it, because it didn't see any issue, so I formatted it and readded it to the array. Then it reinitialized it, I dont see it as disabled? It shows green? https://snag.gy/JM0EuW.jpg
  7. Memory usage is under 40%. App data is cache only. Not sure... I just don't see anything that actively would be seeking. I guess maybe it could be a renamer from CP or something... but if no files are on the drive(s) that keep spinning right back up, that wouldn't cause it right? I posted my diagnostics also. mediaserver-diagnostics-20170128-1359.zip
  8. Hello, OK I am going crazy over this. None of my disks will stay spun down. Even my empty drives will spin up immediately after I spin one down. The longest I can get ANY drive to spin down is maybe 3-4 seconds. Here is what I have checked so far: 1. All appdata is on a cache drive. 2. All actively used data is on cache data. The shares that are not on cache are one's I might access a few times a day. 3. Checked open files plugin and all open process/files are on the cache drive only. 4. Spinup groups is disabled. Any other ways to find out what is the cause?