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  1. You would need to give a lot more detail for get help. Post logs from the container.
  2. Thanks @ephdisk, I updated the template.
  3. It means that your node cannot reach the satellite for some reason. I would recommend to have a look at the threads on or make a new thread on the forums there. People there have much more experience debugging storj related errors, as networking is most likely not an unraid issue.
  4. Suggest there is an issue with the storage path. Have a look at your config and setup instructions.
  5. Thanks for sharing, I'll add it to the description.
  6. Nothing immediate comes to mind. Can you post log output when you run it the first time with setup option. Did you generate your certificates correctly?
  7. Hard to say just from the information you have given. May be the TCP port is already in use, may be the mount path are not working properly.
  8. Yes, mover doesn't move locked files. Files that are currently in use by a process are locked, this is true for any process on the unraid system as far as I know. In theory this means that if storj starts using files differently it can breaker mover functionality. Seems to be working fine at the moment... But I think in the long run it is quite risky to have mover running on the storj folders. One thing that could be done is to use mover for the data chunks but not for the folders where the databases are... Just speculating though.
  9. Everyone has a different setup... This is an Unraid issue not a docker/ storj issue I would say.
  10. @KrisMin Thank you for pointing this out. I tested it and it seems that indeed something has changed in unraid docker implementation since I last created a node. This argument is now necessary on the first run. I added this info to the template and the topic.
  11. I really do appreciate the passion to get an optimal setup. However, this discussion should really be had on storj forums directly. The people there will be much more knowledgeable about these topics and you can probably find the answers you are seeking already there.
  12. The docker will Update automatically assuming you have this function turned on on unraid for all your docker containers. This usually achieved through auto update plugin:
  13. 1. Not sure what you mean exactly by pressure on the disks. If you are talking about reducing the read/write cycles, then enabling cache is probably a good idea. It works fine for me and the amount of cache disk used is pretty stable with mover running daily. 2. The nodes you created will be vetted first, afterwards the traffic should increase significantly. You can read more here. In general you should check out the storj forum directly for such questions, there is a lot of information there.
  14. I am not sure what you mean by this. You should not move the identity to the same folder as the data folder. And especially you should not use drives when operating on the unraid system, but rather user shares.
  15. Do not nest the identity and storage folders. e.g. the path should be /mnt/user/storj/storjidentity for the identity and /mnt/user/storj/storage for the storage folder. Here storj is a new share you should create. Make sure the port forwarding is done properly, as it looks like your issue is a network issue from the error that you showed.