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  1. Thanks for replies. Problem solved since upgrade to 6.3.2 No errors at all, fast boot time. Just for information, disabling autoboot doesn't affect boot time & PCIe errors in 6.3.1 no tweaks or specific modifications in XML file. All is perfect now ! Best regards An unRAID happy user !!
  2. Description: slow boot on VM, ACPI error messages and PCIe errors. I have 2 graphic cards in the system: NVIDIA 980Ti and AMD 280x 4 CPU cores (5820k) and 8GB ram for each VM (total 32GB). No problem with the AMD card, fast boot, etc. ... but on the NVIDIA card, not at all. How to reproduce: upgrade from 6.2.x to 6.3.0 and I still experience the same issues in the 6.3.1 version. Expected results: normal boot and normal use with the NVIDIA card, like before with 6.2.x Actual results: with the NVIDIA card, slow boot or no boot (from 3-5 minutes