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  1. Looking for a good NAS case with the following criteria: Fits 8 hard drives out of the box (no mod'ing) Ideally fits an ATX mobo, but doesn't have to Fits a standard PSU Looks good w/ window Right now I'm looking at a Node 804 and a Define R5. I hear both have issues with Seagate 8TB drives (something about screw hole locations). Is there anything else I should consider is that price range?
  2. I'm okay with buying server grade stuff, I just want to make sure it all works out of the box
  3. Link to the RAM. I updated my OP
  4. Do either of these run into the Kaby Lake issue?
  5. Thanks for that tip. I'll add an extra 4GB stick. I'm trying to spend less than I would on a Synology 1817+, so I still have a bit more money to play with. In terms of the Mobo/CPU, is there another alternative "value" combo that I should consider? My only real consideration is 8 SATA ports.
  6. Wedding photographer here. I want to build a basic unraid box to keep my RAW wedding photos on. Case: Node 804 Motherboard: Supermicro X11SAE CPU: Intel G3930 Memory: Crucial 4GB CT4G4RFS8213 PSU: SeaSonic G-550 HD: WD Reds (8TB, x8) Anything I should swap out or add? Or is this fine?
  7. I should have mentioned it in my original post, but I'm also using Amazon's cloud backup for my RAWs When I get home from a wedding, my workflow would be is: SD/CF card (from camera) to workstation's WB Black HD (working drive for undelivered files) RAWs from WD Black to ACD (and forgotten about) RAWS from WD Black to unRAID (to be added) Delivered JPEGs to client gallery and a copy to Google Drive
  8. Wedding photographer here. I shoot about 2TB of RAW files a year. I currently backup using x2 WD My Books that I purchase every two years (manually mirrored). After 5 years, it's a total mess. I want to build a 8 bay tower that will allow me to add drives as my budget allows; but also pop in some of my My Book drives and use those, too. Some are 5TB WB Blues. I'd also like it if my Windows workstation could see this tower as, basically, a large external hard drive. It would would ideal if I could work off of this. Can unRAID work in my situation? I figure