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  1. Following these [1] instructions for ugrading to V6. Works as normal! Thanks! [1]
  2. I think you may be right. Every time I run check disk it says some errors were fixed. Then I tried to create image of the drive and utility keeps coming back with read errors at different offsets.
  3. No luck with check disk. Exact same result. I guess I will attempt upgrade to v6.
  4. I am unable to restart my unraid server. After it beings to boot it hits "please insert root floppy" message. Help? I am still on 5.0.5, if that helps
  5. I picked up a new set of cables from monoprice [1] and started rebuilding array. [1] https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=8782
  6. Thanks, I will replaces cables and post here in a few days. Just out of curiosity, how do you tell bad cables?
  7. Here's smart report for parity disk (this should be the result of long test I ran shortly after it stopped working) sdb.smart
  8. Yes, it sounds like I am way off track. Here's the syslog syslog.bak
  9. So I have decided to basically start over since this is just a parity disk. I took parity out of array, ran mkraiserfs, then tried to preclear_disk The first time array was in maintenance mode, preclear only made it to ~40% before becoming unresponsive (and no longer writing to disk). Then I restarted & stopped array completely, this time I made it to 90%. Restarted again and made sure array was stopped, only made it to 40%. I am kind of confused why it would do that? I initialized all 4 disks on this box without issue.
  10. Thanks for tip to run reiserfsck. This led me to unraid wiki articles talking about disk checks [1]. I ran reiserfsck --check that resulted in below screenshot. Then I tried reiserfsck --rebuild-tree and that logged a bunch of statements about corrupted blocks and got hung without making further progress. Should I just preclear_disk at this point? [1] https://wiki.lime-technology.com/Check_Disk_Filesystems#Drives_formatted_with_ReiserFS_using_unRAID_v5_or_later
  11. I noticed that I can no longer add files to my array. Went to web GUI and found that my parity drive is marked "disabled". When I restart it says my drive is (blue ball) "new drive" What do I do now? At this point I would be happy to resync and start over. I still on 5.0.5, if that helps
  12. Hi there, My unraid tower (built 5 years ago and unaltered since) turned off and won't boot up again. When I power it on, all fans (including ones connected to MB) start turning, drives start spinning, but no graphics, or POST beeps, network card has yellow light on. I suspect that mobo (ASRock 880GM-LE) may have been shorted as I just realized the computer does not have a surge protector. At this point, I am going to try swapping for a newer mobo (ASRock 970A-G/3.1, one of few mobos that still support sempron CPUs). Anyway, given that I have no way to boot up and take a screenshot of drive order, how do I safely proceed with upgrade? Thanks, JDW