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  1. I currently have 8TB free out of 19TB useable storage space across 8 disks, but have capacity for 16 disks, so just ordered 4 of these Man I am loving these prices, newegg offers it this low right after tigerdirect does, plus tigerdirect had the 3TB for $99 shipped... I suppose the supply & demand prices the flood shortage caused are a thing of the past (even though seagate was the least affected).
  2. I got my pair in today. Nowhere on them do they mention rpm either, but a member in another forum posted that the drive reports itself as 5,900 RPM in HDtune and Crystal DiskInfo. I hope they are green. Can't wait to install them, will not be this week though, prolly next month. UhClem, I wouldn't think the fubar's would end up external for the simple fact they have to take more abuse than the internals, but what do I know.
  3. It's simple to me, if the drive does not pass QA inspection at 7200 rpm, they tone it down to 5900 RPM and omit the specs from the data sheets for their consumers. Consumers see it is a little bit slower than the 7200 rpm variants, but consumes less wattage so they gobble it up! That is the origin of every green drive is it not? The top of the line in testing go to enterprise use, then 10k rpm black drives for consumers, then 7200 rpm for average everyday, and they continue lowering it down to some 5x00rpm level until the errors are within reason and then call it green because it in turn uses
  4. I looked all over and could not find anything on RPM either, just transfer speeds...
  5. Newegg has the HGST Touro Desk 4TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (HTOLDX3NB40001ABB) for a low $169.99 Free Shipping after Coupon Code: "EMCXVXR99" (Exp 2/11). If you need an internal drive, you can easily crack this out of its enclosure (although this also voids the warranty).
  6. I'm about to do the same. Just curious, can the case be reused to house a different drive? I have drives lying around homeless because they are too small, like a 1TB Hitachi 7200rpm
  7. It's already back up to $214.99! Dang, glad I ordered it when I did last night @ $169.99 shipped! It's also at B&H Photo for $199 shipped. I will be removing the drive from the case to place in the unRAID, this will be my 4th 4TB (but my first external dissection)
  8. Thanks! Seems to be a single Hitachi Deskstar 5K4000 4TB 32MB Cache CoolSpin SATA 6.0Gbps 3.5-inch drive, P/N 0F14696. I may just have to order one...
  9. What is the preclear success rate with these WD Red 3TB drives? They seem to get many negative reviews...
  10. Speaking of $189 4TB Hitachi's, here is an external (- $10 using Turkey10) http://www.jr.com/hgst/pe/HIT_0S03503/?SiteID=Es5Ekr9eEBk-xl%2F0wGn2JEIBSnQmp5BWTQ&JRSource=linkshare#productTabDetails Anybody rip one out for unRAID, is it a CoolSpin/5400RPM?
  11. http://www.techbargains.com/news_displayItem.cfm/323760 JR.com has the Western Digital 4TB My Book Essential USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive for a low $189.00 Free Shipping after $10 off $75 Coupon Code: "TURKEY10" (Exp Soon). Tax in NY. [Compare Prices] This is one of the cheapest ways to get a single 4TB drive (while voiding your warranty). Generally a bare 4TB drive goes for around $230-$250. http://www.jr.com/western-digital/pe/WD_BACW0040HBK?SiteID=Es5Ekr9eEBk-bEuOqxFyVVinL0Kr7739sg&JRSource=linkshare#productTabDetails Your thoughts on pulling out the HDD and throwing i
  12. I went to add disk5 as included disks since that is where I copied all the music too, clicked apply and the share disappeared. I went to create a new Music share, listing disk5 under included disks, clicked apply and it disappeared too? I had created a Photos share a while back, never loaded it but it always appeared as a share, it disappeared too! I am so confused and I don't want to loose approx 300GB of music files
  13. I believe you that it should, but it did not. I couldn't tell how long it was going to take so I refreshed the page and there was no status like you mention, like it was already done?