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  1. So guys from a long i have been thinking about giving this a try, so today i started using but I'm having some issues with nvidia hw transcoding. Whenever it's transcoding through hw transcoding (NVENC) i end with no compatible stream available error. And if i disable it transcodes through my cpu just fine so could you guys please help me with this.
  2. yup it was loose connection. after a little research i came upon this thread and file check on windows machine was the first thing recommended by @bonienl on that thread so i did that but windows didn't find any errors so i plugged my pen drive back into my server and now its being detected properly and everything is working as it should. Sooooo, thanks for all the help guys.
  3. So guys, couple of weeks back my disk 2 died on me so i wasn't using my server since then today i bought a new drive to replace my disk 2 and as i wasn't using any parity drives the only option i was left with was to set up a new config, so after doing all that i started installing plugins and dockers but soon i realized that my new disk 2 was unmountable cause i forgot a major step that was to format my new drive first (such an idiot i can be sometimes😅). so after realizing my stupid mistake i stopped my array and formatted my disk 2 but i can't start my array now. as you can see in picture below. please if anyone knows or have any idea why this could be happening i would really appreciate your help.
  4. that means somehow that script enabled HWDEC for thumbnail generation. Still its downright dissappointing that plex doesn't support hw acceleration for thumbnail generation. it was one of the main advantage for me. edit : does emby or jellyfin supports it ??
  5. one strange thing that i noticed is that earlier when i was using a script to enable NVDEC for plex it was working for both while watching a video and generating video preview thumbnails but now with latest plex we dont need that script but now NVDEC only works while watching a video, not it is using my cpu again for generating video preview thumbnails.
  6. okay i somehow fixed it, the only wierd thing that i noticed was that somehow on network that i created on myzerotier website had my local ips too under advanced - managed routes. so now its connected, online and everything but still i can't access my server from outside lan. / # /usr/sbin/zerotier-cli info 200 info 98e11feb6d 1.4.6 ONLINE / # /usr/sbin/zerotier-cli listnetworks 200 listnetworks <nwid> <name> <mac> <status> <type> <dev> <ZT assigned ips> 200 listnetworks a0cbf4b62a6f77c6 agitated_baird c6:ef:8e:35:5d:99 OK PUBLIC ztc3qzxqpm / # /usr/sbin/zerotier-cli listpeers 200 listpeers <ztaddr> <path> <latency> <version> <role> 200 listpeers 34e0a5e174;12759;7505 253 - PLANET 200 listpeers 3a46f1bf30;12759;2499 254 - PLANET 200 listpeers 59f4bc8f9f;733;95725 51 1.4.4 LEAF 200 listpeers 67ba976a71;733;733 2 1.4.6 LEAF 200 listpeers 778cde7190;12759;2504 248 - PLANET 200 listpeers 992fcf1db7;1277;1138 139 - PLANET 200 listpeers a0cbf4b62a;1277;1041 240 1.4.1 LEAF / #
  7. Sorry guys as i was coming down with fever i couldn't test that at that time and finally i tried running it again, my whole server became unaccessible. First i reinstalled the docker but then just in seconds my server became unaccessible, i couldn't access the web ui and shares. I had to hard reboot my server then i tried running allmy dockers one by one and finally when i launched zerotier docker, again my server became unaccessible, i couldn't even get ping from it. Basically as soon as zerotier starts running my whole server get dissconected.
  8. could anyone help me with setting this im stuck with requesting configuration on android and not found status on windows and when i enter the command "zerotier-cli info or something" in docker's page i get zerotier-cli not found error.
  9. thanks, could you recommend any other software. i couldn't find any guide or video on how to actually use that thing and it looks pretty old, doesn't even support ahci, looks like it only support serial ATA and IDE.
  10. @johnnie.black @jonathanm @jbartlett ok guys finally finally extended smart test on my disk2 has completed could you guys take a look and let me know does this one needs to be replaced too ?.unraid-smart-20190729-1724.zip
  11. wow that was actually my disk1 which up until yesterday was working just fine, it was my disk2 which was giving speedgap errors. in just 2 years both of my drives are dying or dead (disk1), never ever buying seagte drives again. Btw how long does an extended smart test take, my disk2 is still going.
  12. as you guys suggested i copied all of my important data first and tried running extended smart test on disk1 but it failed in just a matter of couple of seconds. it sis saying that some errors occurred check smart test report. could you take a look at my smart test report and help me figuring it out. unraid-smart-20190729-1717.zip
  13. @jonathanm @jbartlett yesterday night my disk1 started to throw some error in smart test. looks like now i will have to change my disk2 as well. right?
  14. @jbartlett @jonathanm thanks, i will copy my data to a new drive, then i will add that drive as disk2. i just can't believe they are already failing just two week ago their warranty has expired, guess im never buying seagate barracuda drive again.
  15. it was consistent on almost entire disk2, i think it was only once around 30-40% mark where speed gap didn't appear. so this mean i should add parity immediately and be prepared with another to replace it with ?