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  1. already replaced the cable. well the thing is im using netgear orbi router which only has one ethernet port but i have tried connecting it to my laptop and there it worked fine so im sure its not my cable or router.
  2. Hey guys i need some help figuring whether its a hardware issue or not --- As i mentioned after a reboot suddenly onboard nic stopped working i have tried cmos reset but that didn't help at all. Plus now its showing some weird ip address after boot -- instead of 10.0.0.X or not set. so if anyone could take look at my diagnostics and let me know why this is happening -- i would really appreciate it
  3. Looks like it was a bad sata power splitter cause now after connecting that drive directly it's been doing parity check for almost 2.5hours now and so far none of those errors have come up. Although it is already showing more than 20k sync errors. Should run I parity check with correction once and if it finishes without those errors??
  4. okay will try that but now my server is spamming these errors in syslog. Mar 23 14:54:21 Unraid nginx: 2021/03/23 14:54:21 [alert] 7015#7015: worker process 4716 exited on signal 6 Mar 23 14:54:22 Unraid nginx: 2021/03/23 14:54:22 [alert] 7015#7015: worker process 4768 exited on signal 6 Mar 23 14:54:23 Unraid nginx: 2021/03/23 14:54:23 [alert] 7015#7015: worker process 4822 exited on signal 6 Mar 23 14:54:24 Unraid nginx: 2021/03/23 14:54:24 [alert] 7015#7015: worker process 4951 exited on signal 6 Mar 23 14:54:25 Unraid nginx: 2021/03/23 14:54:25 [alert] 7015#7015: worker process 5038 ex
  5. ..
  6. @JorgeB update: so after limiting writes to disk1 and cache everything was going well, no error this time when backup/restore plugin ran but today i accidently shut off my server which resulted in unclean shutdown. so when when i started my array later it ran parity sync check without doing corrections and soon it started reporting many sync errors and it was running at like 4-5 megbabyte/sec and when i checked syslog it was full of these read errors from disk2. Mar 23 12:10:55 Unraid kernel: blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sdd, sector 738691496 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x0 phys_seg 85 prio
  7. yeah i did had a thought, that maybe RAM plus disk2 is going bonkers but yeah i know, for two seprate parts to go bad plus to both of them to actaully only corrupt data is quite unusual. i thought of that too but unfortunately i don't have one. would making my backup share disk1 or maybe cache only help testing this as for now corruption is only occurring while backing up.
  8. okay so what do u suggest should i claim warranty on disk2 cause so far after replacing ram, only disk 2 is showing data corruption plus those errors. i changed sata port, i have changed sata cable (twice actually) but its still showing errors on only that drive. and i think if it was my board then these would show up randomly on any drive or it would be limited to one of the sata port on board but its not showing up on other drives and its not limited to one port, it is sticking to drive in particular thats disk 2 which would be really weird for board or cpu failure.
  9. @JorgeB hey today when those errors occured i noticed one strange thing which is both today and yesterday when those errors occurred ca backup and restore plugin was creating backup and the only file on entire server (that includes both disk drives and cache drive) was the one it created. and another thing that i noticed is that both the time, first it showed these errors. Mar 22 14:52:25 Unraid kernel: ata3.00: exception Emask 0x50 SAct 0x771e SErr 0x4890800 action 0xe frozen Mar 22 14:52:25 Unraid kernel: ata3.00: irq_stat 0x0c400040, interface fatal error, connection status changed
  10. Yeah i had 2x8 gigs sticks earlier replaced them with 1x8 gig completely new stick.
  11. @JorgeB would something like lsi 9260-8i help me eliminate motherboard as a suspect.
  12. ohhhh boy😭. would it be possible that somehow i managed to copy some corrupted data and thats why its showing up now, cause when was backing up my data their were some which failed to copy so thought they were corrupt as well but they didn't show up as corrupted under scrub. and is it possible for it to have anything to do with 6.9.1 cause as far as i remember they are were pretty close to each other like less then 24 hours apart.
  13. @JorgeB Mar 21 04:18:34 Unraid kernel: BTRFS warning (device md2): csum failed root 5 ino 3611 off 39428833280 csum 0x03d6ab02 expected csum 0xe395e029 mirror 1 Mar 21 04:18:34 Unraid kernel: BTRFS error (device md2): bdev /dev/md2 errs: wr 0, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 1, gen 0 Mar 21 04:18:34 Unraid kernel: BTRFS warning (device md2): csum failed root 5 ino 3611 off 39428845568 csum 0x11013b58 expected csum 0xaa1a5420 mirror 1 Mar 21 04:18:34 Unraid kernel: BTRFS error (device md2): bdev /dev/md2 errs: wr 0, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 2, gen 0 Mar 21 04:18:34 Unraid kernel: BTRFS warning (devic
  14. crap, it can't be fixed. but thanks for all the help, you are life saver man.
  15. is their any way to fix metadata ?? or i will have to do same thing that did with disk1, i.e. backup and restore.