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  1. Hello everyone. Thanks for the replies. Sorry this thread was posted in the wrong place. I followed what the above gentleman tried, and deleted my plex docker, along with the appdata and config files. This was a last resort for me as I had to recreate my libraries and customize all of the posters and artwork and stuff. However, this completely resolved my issue. I have tried downloading content to the cache drive, watched it there, then ran the mover script and watched it from the array no problem. Not sure what the initial issue was, but it has been resolved as a result of reinstalling plex. -Harry
  2. Hello, Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but I didn't see an answer on the FAQ. I was wondering what the actual limit is on attached devices for the pro license. The "Buy-It" link from your main homepage takes you to a page that says that you may have an unlimited number of attached devices. However, when you follow the link at the top left of your server's dashboard to purchase a license, it says that the pro license has a limit of 25 devices. (see attached screen shots) I was wondering which was true? I have more than 25 drive bays and would like the capability to attach more drives than that if necessary. Before I purchase a license I just wanted to have that clarified. Was the limit previously 25 devices, but was changed to no-limit and that webpage has yet to be updated? Or when you say "unlimited" do you really mean 25 devices? Thanks for the clarification, Harry
  3. I will try this and let you know what I find. Thanks.
  4. For some reason I can't post to the docker thread. it is grayed out and won't let me. (see screenshot). I'm happy to post any logs if you tell me how to obtain them (I'm new to unraid.)
  5. ... I'm beginning to wonder if you read my OP all the way through? As I said in OP, I was having stability issues with my rig which have been resolved as a result of following suggestions found on the forum pages related to Ryzen. I refuse to accept that this is ryzen related. As I've said multiple times, this hasn't been an issue until I ran the mover script. Everything plex related was FINE before this happened. This isn't an issue with my processor.
  6. As stated in the post, other dockers should be irrelevant (Please see steps I've troubleshooted already). As I've shut down all dockers and isolated just the plex docker to eliminate the possibility that it could be an issue with a conflicting docker. But nonetheless I am desperate for support so here are my dockers: Plexpy Krusader Deluge Plex Hardware List: Processor: Ryzen 1700 Mobo: Asus Prime B350 16gb 2400mhz ram 3 4tb WD Red 2 Crucial Mx300 250gb SSD's (JBOD Cache array)
  7. I understand that, but unraid is at fault that the files cannot be read, not plex. I doubt it is a problem with the cache drive. If it was, nothing would be readable. I don't think pointing the blame at plex and say go ask on their forums will solve the issue. These problems are a result of running the mover script and the media moving. Which plex has nothing to do with. If I posted on their forums they would tell me to ask here.
  8. I am fairly certain this is an issue with unraid and not plex, as I haven't been experiencing issues until I ran the mover script on unraid.
  9. I am having trouble playing certain files on my plex server. Diagnostic files are attached. This is happening with specific files. From what I can tell it isn't a transcoding issue, as other files are being transcoded just fine, and the files in question aren't corrupted because I'm able to play them in VLC media player. As a little background, I've been having some intermittent stability issues with my server. It would crash in the middle of the night and the mover script would never get run. The stability issues have been resolved and I've manually run the mover script to clear my cache of media files that I put on there that hadn't been automatically moved over. My observation is that the only files that are having troubles are ones I would have expected to be on the cache and moved by the mover script. My plex media folders are pointing to a plex user share, not the cache or physical disks respectively. Things I have tried to troubleshoot: Change transcoding location to multiple places removed unplayable files from user share, deleted trash in plex, readded them to usershare and retreived metadata. Proper unraid reboot restart docker several times isolated plex docker so no other dockers were running (I was thinking maybe there was a possible deadlock or race condition) confirmed this isn't a file type issue, unplayable files are mkv's, but other mkv files play fine. Again I believe i have narrowed this down to data that used to exist on the cache drive but is now on the array. However, like i said Plex is pointing to the user share, not the physical disks themselves so I don't know how this would be a problem. These files were playable prior to using the mover script. If anyone could give me an idea of something to troubleshoot that I might've overlooked, that would be great. -Harry itachi-diagnostics-20170427-1456.zip
  10. No, it seems your issue is different from mine. According to your post it will take 30+ seconds for the page to respond. Mine wouldn't respond at all, and eventually time out. This was happening on multiple computers (with or without antivirus) and every browser under the sun. However, referring back to my earlier post, my issue seems to be resolved after disabling Global C-state Control in the bios. This is a known workaround for ryzen instability issues with unraid. This thread can be closed as I'm pretty sure my issue is resolved. Kind of early to tell for sure, but approaching 24 hours of up time which is a first for this server. Thanks for the help guys.
  11. Thank you for linking this thread. I have been searching for days for other ryzen early adopters for unraid but couldn't find anything useful. It seems (referring to page 11 of the linked thread) there are some bios options for the zen architecture regarding low power states that the linux kernal doesn't know what to do with and crashes. Disabling those low power states seems to bring the ryzen unraid rigs to stability. I will try this and post back to confirm that it worked or not. I'm currently at work and can't post those files in this post. But if I try the above bios changes and still continue to experience issues, I will post diagnostics files. Otherwise I will confirm that the issue is resolved and the thread can be closed. Thank you for your prompt replies everyone!!
  12. Hello. I am new to Unraid. I had a windows based plex server / file server that I decided was time to protect with parity or raid. After doing some research, I determined that Unraid would best suit my needs. I am using the latest version of the Unraid trial (I really like it so far and want to purchase a license, but only if I can resolve the issues below). I am having some very intermittent issues with the WebUI and all of my dockers becoming unresponsive. This might happen multiple times a day at random times, or it might skip a day and happen multiple times afterward. My symptoms are as follows. I might try to access something from plex, krusader or just the array on windows file explorer. One of two things happens. Either it works for a minute and stops working, or it doesn't work at all. Then I try to access the WebUI and it won't respond. This happens on all browsers from multiple computers. All the dockers also become unresponsive. I can telnet into the server, but for some reason the webui seems to have crashed and I can't bring it back online without doing a power cycle. Not only is this not ideal, its not safe to power cycle the device multiple times a day. This shouldn't be a ram issue. I have 32gb of ram, completed memtest without errors. I don't think the CPU would overload either because I have a Ryzen 1700 in my server. I realize there might be some architecture incompatibilities or something there, however. Anyways, if someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to post diagnostics files but I don't know how to obtain them. Thanks, Harry