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  1. No i have my dvr library assigned to the array. I am just looking for the time shift recordings. It is constantly writing to my ssd all the time while someone is watching tv. I think it always keeps 1hr of the channel you are watching in memory to rewind. This is a lot of ssd usage if you have 1-2 tv's on a day for multiple hours.
  2. Does anyone know where the time shifting is stored? I have the docker installed on my ssd and i want to map the time shift to a unassigned device as to not wear out my ssd.
  3. I tried using this to backup my personal files to a unassigned device but it took over 13hrs for 158gb. I am trying to find a easy way to just back up important files/pictures to a hard drive take it out and leave at work. Did i not set something up correctly or should it take this long. Would i be better of just using rsync? I like that this is encrypted but probably not necessary.
  4. I have a 240gb ssd for my cache now. I was going to buy another one just to mirror it. i have a old/new spinning HDD laying around. Can i use that as the mirror or will it not work/slow thing down? thanks