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  1. Hey, My OpenVPN server stopped working. I reinstalled the docker. Redid the user, client profiles, UDP-only, TLS, and double-checked the port forwarding. I am still getting timed-out when connecting. Any thoughts on next steps for troubleshooting? Thanks, Alphairri
  2. I manually resolved the server address to an IP and put that in the ovpn file and it works fine. Any idea why the name won't resolve? I'd rather keep the url there to resolve in the case the server ever changes IP. Not likely, but better so I don't have to change it if it does.
  3. Hey, I just moved my unRAID server to my new place and now sabnzvvpn is refusing to connect. Everything else connects fine (Sonnar, Couchpotato, Plex) I see it is an issue with not being able to connect to the PIA site in Florida, but not sure how to resolve it from here. Thanks in advance! log.log custom.ovpn
  4. I appreciate it! I'm all hooked up and ready to go!
  5. Didn't get anywhere with that. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good VPN that will work? Newshosting provided the VPN and I only lost 5% speed, but an email is the username.
  6. I will be attempting the following once I get back to my server. I'll comment with results. If anyone is able to test this in the next 8 hours before I am able to, it would be appreciated! The username/password itself can be in quotes, and special characters such as double quote or backslash must be escaped, for example, password "Private Key" "foo\"bar"
  7. Is there anyway to remedy this? My username from my VPN is one of my email addresses, so I have the '@' special character.
  8. I checked my credentials and they are correct. Any thoughts? Does it not handle special characters in the username correctly?
  9. Here is the requested log file. Thanks again! supervisord.log
  10. Hi, I'm new to unRAID and everything pointed me to this thread. I just loaded the docker for binhex-sabnzbdvpn and placed the *.ovpn file to /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-sabnzbdvpn/openvpn/custom.ovpn I am using NewsHosting as my VPN provider. Set Host Path 2: /mnt/user/downloads/ Set Key 2/3/4: user/pass/custom Set Key 8: After starting and going to the WebUI, I get: "This site can’t be reached. refused to connect" Any help would be really appreciated!