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  1. It's been working pretty well for a few days now. Asus Zenith Extreme, 1950x. I installed unRAID OS 6.4.0-rc17b then replaced the bzimage like explained in the first post. old radeon hd 6450 gpu for the host (not required but useful for troubleshooting) Windows 10 VM with dedicated GTX980TI and 7port USB controller passthrough Now my question, what about updates? Would updating Unraid break my VM with passthrough? What if I want to try the latest version with the Java hack, is it possible to "rollback" to my current setup if it doesn't work for me?
  2. does the link still point to a patched kernel for rc17? wget http://dnld.lime-technology.com.s3.amazonaws.com/next/bzimage If not, can I please get a link to download it. My current setup: TR 1950x & Asus ROG Zenith Extreme, I want to passthrough a GTX 980ti. Seems like a few users had success with that setup
  3. Hi, new to Unraid and looking for some suggestions/recommendations for my setup: I'm currently dual-booting between OSX and Windows 10. On OSX, I do web and game development, on Windows I game and use Oculus. I also have an old NAS that is just way too slow for my taste. I'm thinking of combining everything into 1 beefed up PC. Current hardware: 2x 250gb SSD (Crucial BX100 + Samsung SSD 850 EVO) 1x 500gb SSD (Crucial BX100) 4x 2TB HDD currently in a NAS (2x Seagate ST2000DL004 + 2x WDC WD20EFRX) 2x 2TB HDD (WDC WD20EZRZ) Current motherboard only support quad-cores CPU so I want to upgrade that to have at least 6 physical cores assignable. (If my idea is possible:) Here's what I think would be my ideal setup from what I understand so far Leave 2c/4t for the main unraid OS (application server?) OSX vm with 4c/8t and 32gb of ram Win 10 with the same cores and 32gm of ram (shared with osx vm) Most of the time, the OSX and Win10 vm will run at the same time but both with light usage: web development, browser testing, playing small indie game. Some times I'll want to have OSX use the full power so I would pause the Win10 VM (game development, rendering, etc.) Other times I'll want to have Win10 use the full power so I would pause the OSX VM (Play AAA games, Oculus VR) the applications server would host a Plex server, Deluge, etc. I would buy a new motherboard with a 6-cores Intel CPU (thinking I7-6850K or I7-7800X) use my 3 SSD as cache drives use my 6 HDD as 4 data drive + 2 parity use a USB KVM Switch to use the same keyboard/mouse in both OSX and Windows dedicate a GTX GPU to Windows10 dedicate another GTX GPU to OSX dedicate a usb controller to Win10 maybe dedicate a network card to Win10 to be able to prioritize network traffic? (less lag while playing games) My Questions: Would the 2 VMs sharing resources works as I think? Or will that cause performance issues on the running VM even if the other is on pause. Will having 4x 2TB data drive give me (approx.) 8TB of usable storage? Would a dual cpu server motherboard yield better performance with two 4c instead of a single 6c cpu on a desktop motherboard? (making sure the core OS and the VM use a different CPU) Anything I didn’t think of? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions/thoughts