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  1. Oh so the original file system on the disabled drive could have been bad, and that was transferred to the new drive? Or is it because it was a different size? Yeah a file system repair makes sense.
  2. I had a 2TB USB3 drive attached to slot 2 which had gone offline a couple of times and unraid finally marked it as disabled. So I went and bought a 4TB SATA drive to replace it. I followed the procedure on the wiki here: Replacing a Data Drive except I did not preclear the new drive. The wiki indicated that this was the procedure to use if you want to upgrade a drive to a larger one, or replace a bad drive. It seemed like it was rebuilding the drive. There were many writes to the new drive. However once the process finished, the new drive remained "unmountable" and unformatted, but the array was green and parity was valid... So if my old drive was actually bad, I would have lost data. I had to format the new drive, which of course left it empty. I am currently copying the original data into it from the command line. So my question is: Is the wiki incorrect for upgrading to a larger drive, and what is the procedure that others use? unRAID 6.3.5 by the way.