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  1. When I shift Parity 2 to Disk 9 i cannot start the array.
  2. Sup guys. Well I've got a failed drive and its currently running emulated and I wish to start the cycle of replacing all the smaller disks. I want to purchase 2 x 8tb drives to replace the parity volumes but unsure what the best cause of action is. I have attached an image of my current state of affairs. Whats the best process here? Remove Parity 1 and then replace with new 8tb? Wait for parity sync then replace Parity 2?
  3. Build is still going strong. No hardware faults bar two Hitachi drives which failed a few months ago. System has had perfect uptime and never missed a beat. Extremely impressed.
  4. End results.. 10 x Hitachi 5400rpm drives.
  5. Sorry I should have been more clear. I want to mount an external network share onto UnRAID.
  6. Hey Guys, How do I map a network share on UnRAID? I have TB's to copy from my current NAS > UnRAID and would prefer not to use SSH.
  7. Well here is some pics, I'm not too overly happy with the 12v power input I just couldn't get it tucked away. I might get an extender and try and organise it as best as possible. So I have packed it up and sent it home, the overall build was painless and the assistance provide with the Configuration Tutorial in the wiki was more than enough.
  8. Install worked well, same issue people have described not being able to start the application from Unmenu, it just constantly says "Start *" I have just manually run the python scripts from screen.
  9. I'm looking forward to building it, unfortunately I'm at work until August so got all the gear sent here so I will have more than enough time to build it up before break.
  10. 1000 HD, I'm impressed I'm currently sitting at about 600. Australia = Antec 1200 - $185 Antec 850W - $160 Norco HDD Trays - $100 x 4 = $400
  11. Yeah NORCO vs Antec 1200 = NORCO for value for money - My media library grows 1TB a month so it doesn't take long to fill up drives, currently my collection is spread across Server 2008 R2 Raid 5 / ReadyNAS Ultra4 configurations.. Really looking forward to my first UnRaid box and hopefully decommissioning the other systems.
  12. WD drives have been changed out for Hitachi 2TB SATA 6.0Gbs 32M CoolSpin