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  1. Ok, so I have to be doing something incredible wrong here. I am installing ubuntu server as a VM. I mount the ISO , allocate resources, start it up, do the install, and all goes well. I get to the end and it want's me to reboot to finish the installation. No problem... except there is. I click "stop" , and the VM does nothing... If I can't shut it down I can't eject the ISO. Ok, so I hit force stop... it shuts down, i have the icon to eject the ISO, and I hit it, and it gives an error and will not unmount. So basically I have a fully installed VM that I can't access because when I reboot it go
  2. Thank you. That helped and I have it working now. Any idea on how to get this setup on Android? Its throwing some errors about unverified even though I applied an SSL cert to it.
  3. First let me say, I have watched many of these videos regarding unRAID setup and they are awesome and have helped me so much!! So I am running into a problem here when I get to the step of creating a new user. I SSH in using PUTTY, I create a new user, it accepts the command, I hit enter for all of the defaults, and all is well. I setup the new user in user management in openvpn, and click on both admin and auto login, i save the settings and update the running server. I log out. Then, I attempt to login using the newly created user, and it tells me the login failed. I thought maybe something
  4. I did a re-install of letsencrypt and cleared the appdata for it and forgot to re-comment that out! Works now... thanks!
  5. Ok i tried that. Now it just shows a blank page when I click on the icon but no 404 error.
  6. Ok... so I was doing it incorrectly. I switched it to local-IP:port with correct api key in homepage settings. Then in the tab settings I put the path to /home. It still gives 404 not found.
  7. Has anyone gotten headphones to work with this using reverse proxy? I have it running on a subdomain, not a subdirectory as I couldn't get it to display properly trying to run it as a subdirectory. It resolves and displays fine in the browser so it is working. So it is like https://headphones.something.com . In organizr, i put that in for the homepage settings without a port number. In the tab settings, it requires you to put in a home page or directory, so i put /home as that also resolves in the browser. After saving and clicking headphones icon I just get 404 not found.
  8. Hmmm.... I suppose I could try that. Not optimal, but definitely would keep things locked down. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. I have this running with letsencrypt reverse proxy. It works great, however, now that I have this setup my NZB360 mobile app no longer works to connect to sab, sonarr, radarr, and headphones when i have the server based auth turned on for each service in organizr. Has anyone else with this combination of organizr and NZB360 app gotten it to work with the auth? I tried to pass through the auth credentials in NZB360 but it still would not connect.
  10. I solved this. If you are in the path /mnt/user/Downloads, and move a file from there to /mnt/user/Movies, it will cause the Movies share to become cache enabled, and show that file on the cache drive.The only way to fix that, is to go to the Movies share settings, set it to "Yes" for using the cache drive, then manually run the mover. Once the file is moved off of the cache drive, you then have to go back into the Movies share settings, and set it to "No" for using the cache drive. If you are in the path /mnt/user0/Downloads, and move a file from there to /mnt/user0/M
  11. As another test. I used Dolphin running in a Docker container to cut/paste a file from downloads share to Movie share, and again, that also causes the Movie Share to show the content on the cache drive.
  12. This log is from when I right clicked on the file, and hit "move to" and selected the path to my backup share. It then moved the file. So I hit move to, selected the path to backup share, it moved it just fine, i verified it was in the backup share, and that caused the backup share to be on the cache drive even though it wasn't cache enabled..... why?? How is everyone else moving files without this problem. Is it because of Winscp? Should I try another client? Is there a better way to move files that doesn't use network shares?? I don't understand why moving a file would cause a user sha
  13. Ok well, this is the most efficient way that I know of to manually move files. If there is another method to move files that will not cause this problem, please let me know. Using network shares is not a good option as it takes significantly longer to transfer files this way. Winscp has a GUI so all i do is right click, hit "move to" and put in the destination path. Here is what the winscp log shows after moving a simple text document (test2.txt) from the Downloads share to the Backup share. 2017-08-28 17:11:50.158 Moving file "test2.txt" to "/mnt/user/Backup/test2.txt"