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  1. is there a way to get real time stats on my server from a outside network to my phone?
  2. so i tried the secure http and it brought me to a connection not secure but i got in...i dont remember changing a secure setting...huh have to look that up.
  3. so on the other computer it wont connect but on my iphone it works, says somthing about not being a private connection but that's it, iphone works
  4. i changed ip to.9 and nothing...so i can ping it and map a network drive but ie/chrome can't connect...is there a setting to turn of access to browers somewhere?
  5. server is and computer is
  6. ok so i got in for some reason i thought i read somehwhere it was admin for the username...so anyways i'm in so anything i can check to see why i cant access it on the problem computer?
  7. when i enter in the ip it comes up as "the site can not be reached" "failed to connect" "err_conection refused"..i dont get a gui prompt.
  8. yes i do i can ping it from the problem computer, and the login for the console is admin for the username and nothing for the password...i've tried multiple variations and nothing works
  9. whenever i try to go the server it says that it can't connect for the webui that is..it worked before on my other copy of windows before i had to erase everything and start fresh
  10. Is there a way i can reset the server to default and erase everything seeing as how i can't log into it?
  11. yes it's fixed and yes it's reserved.
  12. yes i can ping it and the ip addres route dosent work