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  1. I like the docker functionality and ui, my most used feature besides the storage would be nice to have some level of snapshotting functionality in the GUI, right now using btrfs and scripts to get a workable solution.
  2. Got me a Two-Tone Coffee Mug on (March 20, 2019), looks like I will be buying a lot of stuff in the future.
  3. Disk rebuild finished without further issues, no new error on 2nd parity disk also after rebuild, but will keep a close eye on it.
  4. Finally, I'm replacing the failed data disk and running rebuild as it is, I'm assuming unraid is build such that the read data is reconstructed before being supplied for parity rebuild, some read errors are showing up on the second parity drive. but parity rebuild is going forward without issues. I would still like it if someone would confirm that this is how it is.
  5. I can do this but I want to check if Unraid is able to rebuild as it is without writing any corrupted data back into my data disk. Remove the parity would also leave the array prone to failure if another disk shows errors during the rebuild.
  6. The issue I need to clarify is I have a system with 8 data drives and 2 parity drives, 1 data drive has failed and I'm preparing to replace it but one of the parity drives are also showing read errors during a parity check. So whats the best way to proceed to replace the failed data drive. Will there be any issues with the rebuild if 1 parity drive shows read errors and the other is fine?. The parity drive that has errors as the same batch as the data drive I'm replacing and shows errors every time I run a party check. Most probably it needs to be replaced asap too.