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  1. Anyone having any luck with the core clock and memory arguments? I have a pair of 5700xt's I'm trying to setup but I can't get them to undervolt/underclock. One is a reference card and the other is an MSI Evoke. Both are pretty crap when it comes to cooling so I'm trying to run them at ~1300 core 750mv and 1800 memory clock. The settings work fine in windows for either card. Phoenix just ignores what I put in and runs them stock. I even tried to modify the bios to set a limit with more power tools and the docker just crashes. Again, works in windows fine. I have
  2. I have been having issues with stuttering FPS on a Windows 10 VM I have been trying to setup. New build with the following specs: Ryzen 3900x MSI Carbon Pro x470 32GB DDR4 2400 (Yes, it should be 3200+) Sapphire 5700xt reference Sabrent Rocket 512 NVME drive The VM is given 6/12 cores/threads and the GPU and NVME drive is passed through to the machine. I was able to follow Spaceinvadors guide for installing a W10 VM using a passed through NVME drive so that I am able to boot to the Windows install bare metal or as an unraid VM.
  3. I seem to be getting a blank page when installing the docker. Anyone have any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong? Seems like a straight forward docker. No port conflicts.
  4. I'm tryin to add an SMTP account and I keep getting an error I'm not sure what to do with: A problem occurred while sending the email. Please revise your settings. (Error: Expected response code 250 but got code "501", with message "501 Syntactically invalid HELO argument(s) " Log data: ++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport << 220 ESMTP Exim 4.90_1 Mon, 22 Apr 2019 16:51:28 -0400 >> EHLO _ I've verified the server and login information are correct. I can't seem to find anything about this specific error.
  5. I apologize if this is something answered somewhere else. I searched but didn't see any topics related to my specific issue. I have a Dell r710 with a Perc 6/i and 6 1tb drives setup in a 2 parity array formatted in xfs. I setup the perc 6/i to deliver each drive as a separate raid while I tried out unraid. I know this isn't the proper way to do it, but I wanted to try unraid before buying a different card. After a week of playing around I decided to purchase Unraid, so I went ahead an got an h310 and flashed it to IT mode. The drives are all seen by unraid correctl