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  1. No, I think i was messing with something else. No ping. https://imgur.com/HImvuEV Nope. it works now fine.
  2. I SSHed in to the boxes and looks like i get a ping? https://imgur.com/e4ZJbOB
  3. Thanks for replying!. Server 1: It has a dual port 10Gig Nic. 1 port was already in use by me through a 10Gig switch. This is the sole connection this server has for general network. I configured the second port on a different subnet for a p2p connection. Have the DAC cable, so thought why not. set mtu at 9000. The global network settings. dashboard Server 2: This is using the onboard network 1 gig port with DHCP for general network. This is the 10 gig p2p settings. dashboard
  4. Hello All. Anyone here setup a Unraid to Unraid - 10GBe p2p connection using DAC cables? I setup 2 separate subnets in my servers as per the many p2p videos(unraid to desktop usually) but not able to get a ping or no idea how to get a transfer going. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Hello All. I was just copying a large amount of data to my backup unraid machine and started to get this error. It was fine for the last few days. Now, system just locks up. On connecting the machine via IPMI, I see a message "<Unraid_Server_Name> login: Hangcheck: hangcheck value past margin". Sorry, not sure how to get diagnostics dump in this case. Looks like the memory is kaput??. The system got stuck at B7 post code one time. It did boot after that. Now running memtest86. Thanks!.
  6. Thanks guys.. will setup up those things again. Lesson learned.
  7. Ok. So, if i start the OS and remove them before starting the array and then running the array should give an indication. Correct? Edit: That did it. I think it was the rclone and or User Scripts plugin. . Do you think I can install those plugins AFTER starting the array or it will happen again?
  8. Thank you for responding. When you say plugin, are you talking about the containers or the items available under the plugins?
  9. I have not tried that. Should I? EDIT: So I started in safe mode. Everything worked just fine. :S. how can I fix the normal mode?
  10. Hi All. What the thread title states. I upgraded to 6.7.2. Upgrade went fine, I think. However on Reboot, pretty sure the system shutdown-ed itself. On turning the machine on, I am able to connect to the machine via webUI. Clicked on Start array, in logs I can see all the discs are populated but it stops after unassigned.devices. And it shows a "kernel reports TIME_ERROR: 0x41: Clock Unsynchronized" as well after that. @unraid:~# ntpq -p remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== LOCAL(0) .LOCL. 10 l 35m 64 0 0.000 0.000 0.000 + 2 u 24 64 377 53.528 -7.657 11.851 + (up2 2 u 21 64 377 78.229 15.988 2.756 *ellone.fdisk.io 2 u 19 64 377 44.596 -3.314 12.983 I can see all the discs populated normally in Main tab. But still stuck at "Array Staring - Mounting disks". Cannot start containers or VMs. EDIT: So I started in safe mode. Everything worked just fine. :S. how can I fix the normal mode? Any advice? Thanks!. unraid-diagnostics-20190929-1527.zip
  11. Third check complete. No errors. Thanks folks.!!!
  12. Thank you.. will report back tmrw then. Fingers crossed.
  13. Should the third run have the checkbox checked or unchecked? Got it about the zip file. Re uploaded with this post. serverdiagnostics-20190216-0844.zip
  14. Thank you for replying. First check: Started automatically by unraid due to hard shutdown. shows 852 error. Second Check: I started it manually from the web ui. Left the check box as checked so that it will write the corrections. Completed. But still shows 852 errors. So you are suggesting I do a third to make sure?
  15. Hello Everyone... So, I had to do a unclean shutdown and on restart, unraid went to parity check. It found 852 errors. I tried to do a parity check once more by clicking check and no unchecking the write corrections checkbox. Still the same. Attaching the diagnostics dumps. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. serverdiagnostics-20190216-0844.zip