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  1. Hi, When I download a file with my iMac and copy it to the unpaid server 5,0 beta 9 than Kodi (XBMC) can't read it. When I run the new permission option everything works and I can play the file. Is there a work around for this. I already tried NSF SMB an AFP that didn't help. Thanks, Rob
  2. Hi Prostuff1 I started the array and parity sync is started. Can you please check the errors in the sys file of disk 5? Rob
  3. Hi Went from 5.10 to 5.12 and disk 2 MBR unaligned. How to get it back aligned. Rob syslog-2011-08-31.txt
  4. Hi Joe I tried to check the dis but I got the message device not find. Stopped the array stopped samba tried to umount md7 nothing. And I realy have disk 7. How to proceed from here? Rob
  5. Hi Here the same problem parity check no respons interface and a hard reboot needed. Software 5.10b no adons. Only added a new precleared drive WD 2TB ears as disk 7. Also get this error. Aug 5 20:00:10 Tower kernel: REISERFS error (device md7): reiserfs-2025 reiserfs_cache_bitmap_metadata: bitmap block 488374272 is corrupted: first bit must be 1 (Errors) Rob
  6. Thanks Joe Running parity check now at 50% and no errors yet. Rob
  7. Hi I have some error lines in the syslog is this a big problem? MB X8SIL-F SASLP-MV8 6x Hitachi 2TB 5k3000 1x WD EARS 2TB PRO 5.10b Below are the lines colored red in unMenu Compleet syslog attached Rob syslog-2011-07-29.txt
  8. OK preclear stops again with preread at 54% Part of the syslog I'm lost. Rob HDParm_2289.txt Short_smart_test_2289.txt
  9. Update to the problem. Reconnect all sata cables and power cables and put a extra set of power cables from the psu to the molex connector of the norco backplane. Reboot and still got a disk error. Removed disk 3 and reboot now everything running smooth. Disk 4 is preclearing again and I hope it will finish now. Did some further testing on Disk 3 WD 20EARS and I think it was DOA it doesn't spin up in another computer. Rob
  10. Hi Disk 4 which preclear running also quit at 54%. Whats going on? Rob
  11. Hi I setup sftp according this topic It works and I can access those folders and nothing else. But I have 2 problems. Visibility of the files on the server and I know to use the following commands But I have to do that every time after copying to the server. Is there a fix? And with fillezila I can only upload a file not download? Rob
  12. Hi Both ends is not possible because I use a NORCO 2420 case but I can try to reseat the connectors on the MB. If the preclear from the other disks finish I can try to put the disk on the AOC-SASLP-MV8 and try again. Rob
  13. Hi I have a problem to preclear one disk WD20EARS 2TB Parity - Hit MB sata 0 Disk 1- Hit MB sata 1 Disk 2- Hit MB sata 2 Disk 3- WD MB sata 3 Disk 4- WD AOC-SASLP Disk 5- WD AOC-SASLP The 3 Hit disks are already precleared. Disk 4 and 5 are preclearing now but Disk 3 is not responding on the preclear command. It's visible in the unmenu Setup Softw v : unRAID 4,7 MB : X8SIL-F Proc : I3 540 Mem : 4G Kingston SATA Contr : AOC-SASLP-MV8 softw v 21 3x HDD Hitachi 5K3000 2TB 3x HDD WD 20EARS 2TB Case : NORCO 2420 Attach the syslog from the disk and smart info Rob Smart_disk.txt Syslog_disk.txt
  14. Hi I just use one connector on the Norco SS-500 no problems here. From my understanding it's for the use of redundant power supply and if you measure it there just connected together. Rob
  15. Hi Your network is 100Mbit so the 10MB is normal. Rob