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  1. The machine is used for gaming, yes. It has the following spec: i9 7900x cpu 10core ASUS Prime x299-a motherboard 2x geForce 1080ti 512gb M.2 Samsung 950 evo ssd 512gb Samsung 850 evo ssd 32gb HyperX Fury No overclocking on anything
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. As i wrote, i have changed the timezone and disabled and re-enabled the automatic time servers om both VMs and host machine. This sets the time correctly, but the time is still passing "slowly", loosing about 8 seconds every 3 minutes.. About the CMOS battery, i could try changing it however it is very unlikely to be running low. The Motherboard is 2 months old, and has only been for sale for about 4 months.. I am now running Dimension 4 time sync software on both VMs. It keeps the machines usable by syncing the time every 3 minutes. Will post my diagnostics in a few hours
  3. Hello! I am a fairly new user of UnRaid. I am running two gaming Windows 10 VMs on my host machine. This has been working flawlessly until the point i installed 6.4rc10b, and started getting wierd computer times in the host OS, and the VMs. (Both VMs and host can have different clock times..) Both of the VMs seem to run the clock very slowly.. In a few hours, they are usualy about 20 mins behind real-time. What have i tried to fix the problem: 1. Set VMs to not update time from timeserver within windows (manual date/time) 2. Changed timezones on Host and VMs 3. Changed timesync server on Host None of my solutions has made any change to the problem.. Has this problem been encountered before, and does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you Magnus