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  1. Ahhhh got it. I had SFF-8436 mixed up in my mind with SFF-8088. You just saved me another couple days of waiting impatiently - thanks!!!
  2. YES. Spaceinvader one is the singular source of 90% of my Unraid knowledge - he's the greatest. Also, thanks for the tip about the cable. The version of the card I ordered has 4 internal SATA ports and 1 external SFF-8088 port, so I think the QSFP cable I have should work for me?
  3. Thanks, pete69. I'm new to SAS in general and this is my first foray into it. I ended up ordering a pre-flashed LSI 9212-4i4e from Art of Server's ebay store. His Youtube channel is great - I wish I had known about it earlier!
  4. Same problem here. After a lot of nervous contemplation, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a NetApp DS4246 and a PM8003 card last week to start process of moving my array over. Installed the card and started up my server only to find out 6.9.2 drivers are not working with this card anymore. Also can't really revert back to 6.8.3 because I just got everything working with the new nVidia driver support (which is great, btw). Assuming it may be an indeterminate amount of time before this gets fixed, if ever, I'm thinking the only solution now is to buy a different HB