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  1. Hello, i want to setup (for testing) some McAfee products inside the unraid VM. This mlos linux should be based on CENTOS. This TIE Server ist supported on so many platforms, but i get it not running on unraid. My problem is that i can configure a VM to install the "virtual appliance", but after the next reboot the system can not access the HDD. I am not a expert at linux, but if i setup a centos direkt, it sta
  2. Hi, i have the following issue with my updates limetech server 6.5.0. I am not able to write a "@" in my windows 10 64 BIT VM. I am from Germany, so i use a german keyboard and i am connect with VNC to my VM. I have tested the webbrowser VNC and other external VNC programms, also i have tested it from serveral clients with different keyboards, ist is not working. If i press the ALTGR Button plus the Q it should write in Germay an @, but i only get the letter "q". But my main layout from the keyboard is germany, all other special characters are in the right place like (öäü), so i
  3. Hi, i have found why i was asking about the Serial Number, but if i read it again and completly, i think it was a misinterpretation from my side. I have read this. "There are a number of USB Flash devices that do not have a valid serial number and can not be registered:" It is posted here But above this you are pointing out ....your flash device must contain a unique GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) ..... I was my fault, i only remember the Phrase with the Serial number in my mind.
  4. Thanks for all the response, i do wait for the official version and give it a try. Thanks olaf
  5. Hello, i have one question regarding the USB Stick discussion for unraid Software. USB Sticks a normal very cheap and that is why they are also the most of the time produced with cheap commoditys. Sometimes that results in a early fault. And for my NAS starting device i want to use the best USB Stick i can find. In my research i find out, the USB Sticks with SLC memory technology are much more safty than the normal one with a MLC technology. I have found a company that build USB Sticks with that SLC Technology. (I hope it is allowed to write a U
  6. I have just asked the question, because it is implemented in the beta. Actual for me with my acutal RAD5 in my synology i have no Problem that someone can recover data from, because the get only parts of the data. With unraid this is completly different. Also i am working in a datacenter and we have nearly every week broken devices. So it could work fine for years or also it can be broken early. It depends a Little on the vendor if you are using seagate you have to sent in more disks with HGST it is less. But in my Synology in the first year one WD red was broken, all others are runn
  7. Thanks for the quick answer. Than everythink is fine. If it is working in the next days the way it has worked up to now, i do buy my first unraid licence next week. Thanks Olaf
  8. Hi, doday i have seen the following Situation on my unraid NAS, and i need a confirmation about this. At first i am in the testing Periode, i have not bought the key, maybe this could the cause. But i have 16 days remaining. I run it on a Shuttle XC60J Case with 8GB RAM, one m.2 and one 12 TB WD Gold. I know i have no security (parity) with that configuration, but for this data that is OK for me. Today i changed the m.2 that was used for Cash Device from Samsung 960 EVO (PCI) to WD green (SATA). After the next start i dont plug in the Ethernet Cable
  9. Hi, i am asking this question because i want to start with drive encrytion and this starts with 6.4 (if i am right - because i new with unraid). And actual it Looks like there is no inplace Option to Change from non encrypted to encrypted. So do you have a plan for the Release from 6.4? The reason why i want to use it, is if a device goes broken i want sent it to vendor for guarantee repair. (i have started with WD Gold 12 TB and thy are cheap) And i have realy bad feeling to do this with all of my Family Pictures unencrypted. I know i can use a encrypted Container but i want to