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  1. Thanks @smaka510 - great post. Hoping we will see more 10Gbe rollouts!
  2. Hi All, Seeing a lot of people trying to get 10Gbe networking setup with varying success so wanted to share my experience. I have managed to get 10Gbe networking setup relatively easily between my Unraid server and my PC, without the need of a 10Gbe network switch. This gives me full 10Gbe speeds between my PC and my Unraid server and 1Gbe speeds across the rest of the network. Requirements: 2X Asus XG-C100C 10Gbe network cards - they can be found on Amazon and elsewhere for less than $100 1X Cat 6 network cable Unraid 6.4.0_rc7 or later (for C100C driver support) Thanks and feel free to ask any questions!