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  1. how do you get Aeon Nox 5 for openelec?
  2. Thanks again, after reading some reviews on newegg about this controller card, it seems it does not support 3TB drives is there another option at this time or is it simply premature?
  3. What do you mean "hardware modification"? No soldering iron is going to provide support for 3T drives in older versions. 3 TB drives work with the latest 5.0 beta. There are a few issues, most importantly unRAID is not recognizing the preclear signature for quick add of 3T drive to an array. This would not prevent you from setting up the array, just add time if you wanted to add another drive to the array once it was established. Next beta should be out soon and author has said this problem is fixed in that release. You do need a compatible controller that support large disks. Most motherboards and add on controllers do support them, but a few don't. See the link in my prior post for Hitachi brochure that lists many compatible motherboards, controllers, and chipsets. sorry as you can tell it's my first post. I'm new to unraid, in fact I haven't even built mine yet but from what I gather by reading here, one needs to jump a 3TB drive in order for it to be usable at a lower capacity. this was all that i was referring to. thanks for clearing up my concerns! ...as for the controller card, wont SUPERMICRO AOC-SASLP-MV8 PCI Express suffice? the link is a little unclear to me
  4. so any 3TB Drive will work now without hardware modification? I'm building one from the ground up and would love to bite the bullet and but 5 3TB drives. is the drive of choice Hitachi?