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  1. Success! Taped over the 3rd pin in and it detects now. Tnx again for the assist.
  2. Connecting it to SATA / Power works fine. I just don't have much in the way of means to connect the other drives up without the SAS backplane. I see what you are saying tho, in /r/DataHoarder/comments/70hm8h/8tb_easystore_wd_white_label_issuesolution/ user lakijfosda seems to have fixed this issue by simply chomping off the 3.3v wire. Zack from Zackreed.me seems to have a more practical solution in taping off the 3.3v pins with kapton tape (https://zackreed.me/hgst-7k6000-not-spinning-not-working/) I'll head up to the hardware store and give this solution a try. Thanks for nudge, seems like a winning solution so far.
  3. I have a Lenovo TS440 (8bay) 3x8TB disks (New) 5x4TB disks (Old) 3x3TB disks (Old being replaced) Flashed as SAS9211-8i FW version: 15 BIOS Version 32GB ECC Xeon E3-1245 v3 @3.4GHz I decided to move my storage over from Server 2016 using storage spaces to unRAID. Upgrading my old 3TB disks to 8TB WD80EMAZ (pulled from a cheep USB Mybook) For some reason I just couldn't get the 8TB disks to show up in the SAS controller/unRAID/Windows. After reading a bit I followed the sticky for "LSI Controller FW updates IR/IT modes" and flashed my controller to IT mode and disabled boot support per the guide. All of my 4TB disks show up in every slot, none of my 8TB disks show up. I can hot swap disks in windows with the megaraid software and watch the 4TB disks connect and disconnect all day, I only get crickets with the 8TB disk. Have I missed something, power save related, new compatibility needed for larger drives? SmallEdit: connected one directly to SATA for a sanity check, connected. Still can't get it through the SAS controller to hook up to the front bay.