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  1. Here is a setup of the data importer if you wanna add it yourself
  2. Oh, sorry! I must have missed the part in which you said you are absolutely new to Unraid, I misbelieved that you already knew how to create your own templates.
  3. I sadly don't have the capacity to support more importers, so I won't add them, sorry @sescheiThe Nordigen importer has been moved to the general Firefly III Data Importer (FIDI) An example setup of how you can add the template yourself looks like this
  4. v2 is under heavy development and has quite a few features missing. V1 is "not supported" as in no changes are happening there anymore but IMO it's still the version to use if you don't want to bother with bugs and missing features
  5. Hey! I'm on vacation until the 20th, will have a look at that after I'm back. Sorry for that, guys!
  6. @mattie112 I saw the changes but I'm on vacation/without a computer until tomorrow, so I couldn't update the template yet. Will do as soon as I come back though!
  7. The data loss here is actually my fault, nothing you could have done if you aren't always reading the release changes of Firefly. I misread the changelogs for an update back in... October? I think and didn't adjust the container paths accordingly in the template
  8. Did you change the container path for UPLOAD_PATH to /var/www/html/storage/upload and after restarting upload the files? You have to do that, otherwise the files won't be stored in /mnt/user/appdata/firefly-iii/upload/
  9. Hey @Camilo It sounds like you had a < 5.4.0 version installed before you updated to the new version. The container path for newer versions for UPLOAD_PATH is `/var/www/html/storage/upload` instead of `/var/www/firefly-iii/storage/upload`. Updating to a newer version without updating the path may result in a data loss. You should check your host path `/mnt/user/appdata/firefly-iii/upload/` if the old attachments are still there. If they are, make a backup of them and then update the UPLOAD_PATH to `/var/www/html/storage/upload`. This should preserve your previously uploaded attachments. If not, then I'm terribly sorry, but your attachments might be lost for good
  10. V1 isn't supported anymore, which is why I set the default layout to V2.
  11. @40foot Can you check the container logs and the browser console for any errors? Also, did you already try readding the docker image?
  12. Did you also make sure that the user firefly has the needed privileges for the database?
  13. Change the repository to jc5x/firefly-iii:beta instead of jc5x/firefly-iii
  14. Pretty much! If you have attachments, make sure to also save the APP_KEY environment variable.