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  1. I'm using prerelease 6.4. One of the features I like is the ability to assign an IP on my br0 network. This allowed me to get rid of the pipework container I used to assign IP addresses before 6.4. I've ran into an issue where I have containers that need both an IP on my main subnet (done via br0 network in Unraid Docker config), and also access to the bridge Docket network. An example of this is the nginx-proxy container I have which opens some web services up to the Internet. The containers it reverse proxys to just have bridge network and I'd rather not assign each one of those an IP on br0. A workaround I have is to manually call `docker network connect ...` to add the br0 network to my nginx-proxy container. This works, but when the container is recreated/updated it needs to be re-ran. It would be great to have options for multiple networks in the Docker configuration in Unraid or if anyone knows how br0 containers can access the docker bridge network that could work too.