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  1. Glad to help, QuickShot! I was surprised nobody else had run into this issue yet as far as I can tell. I can handle a ton of simultaneous transcoded streams now on my z370 8700.
  2. I was able to get this working by adding the the kernel parameter i915.alpha_support=1. You can get this to work as well by editing syslinux.cfg as explained here: Thanks for the help everyone, great community here!
  3. I just found this: I also upgraded to the unRAID RC to see if it would work with i915, no luck. Anyone else have coffeelake z370? I've been searching on google and cannot find anything specific to unRAID and coffee lake iGPU transcoding.
  4. I'm on z370 with a i7 8700 and am trying to get intel quicksync hardware acceleration working within plex. I have followed both: and but I cannot get it to work since /dev/dri is not available on my unRAID server. I have made sure I have the iGPU enabled and set explicitly in my bios. root@unRAID:/dev# modprobe i915 root@unRAID:/dev# lsmod |