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  1. @Mizerka, @Squid and @bonienl thank you. Chaging the port solved the problem. But why is this happening? I dont understand the problem to be honest, may somebody of you know it?
  2. Hey guys, im running a letsencrypt nginx docker with some applications. The problem is i need http for one subdomain and need to access it locally as well externally. The thing is all http traffic from LAN to the NGINX Server redirects me to the unraid webinterface. Like here: All https traffic is normally like here: NGINX Conf looks like this: server { listen 80; listen 443 ssl http2; root /config/fastdl; index index.html index.htm index.php; server_name fastdl.xavii.us; expires $expires; location / { autoindex on; } } Appreciate any advice. Xaviius
  3. Thank you @trurl, I formatted the cache and try it out now. Yeah i wanted to add another hard drive. Thank you.
  4. Hey guys, I have the problem since I upgraded my hardware that my exportable shares just dont work anymore after some time... I already removed all unnecessary plugins just in case. After a reboot they show up again. Can you guys help me out here? I'm really annoyed by this bug/error. Apreciate every reply! Thank you. Xaviius tower-diagnostics-20190721-0739.zip