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  1. Hmmm. I have 16GB RAM, so if some log is only showing 8GB that's part of a problem already. I'll pull one of the RAM modules and test again. Thank you very much for your feedback here, very helpful!
  2. Thank you again. I uploaded an FCPsyslog_tail.txt file also, but I did a clean restart this AM so it's probably useless. I'll check there next. You may be correct on the Power Supply. I ran memtest86+ twice, and both times it completely hung my machine at the 2 hr, 54 minute point, 23% into the pass. That sounds like possibly CPU, and maybe memory as well. But I think you nailed it as a hardware issue.
  3. Thank you, Frank. I had uploaded those right before and after the latest crash, but after memtest86+ finishes running, I will reboot and upload the other files in the log folder too. Appreciate your assistance. - [EDIT: Additional 5 diagnostic log files uploaded and attached to first post.]
  4. Fix common problems gives "unclean shutdown detected of your server" and "Call Traces found on your server" errors. See attached. No VMs or Docker containers running when it happens. I am copying several terabytes of video from a different PC to a server share, but that's all that's going on when it goes down. I'm going to try to run memtest86 and see if that shows anything. In the meantime, I had Troubleshooting mode turned on and have a few diagnostic logs that I've uploaded. I'm sorry, but I wasn't sure exactly which files to upload so I upload the last 3 diag zip files. Any idea what's hap
  5. The zenstates line didn't work for me until I added the full path to the zenstates script to the config/go file: /usr/local/sbin/zenstates --c6-disable. As a suggestion. Thanks!