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  1. Mylar is broken for me as well. It was working fine last week. Now it refuses to connect via GUI
  2. For now, as long as things work the way I want them to, I'll stick with Synology for storage. Completely transitioning to unraid would be much easier now that it is slowly making sense
  3. So I figured out what I was doing wrong! ugh! Not sure how (or why) I missed it. I have a synology NAS that I use to store everything. The reason I am using unraid is that synology cannot handle multiple apps running at once (well at least my model can't). I always planned to keep the NAS as it's perfect for storage. So in unraid, I used the unassigned devices plug in to mount my shares from synology. So it must have been just habit, but I used a smb connection to map...ugh! I unmounted and removed all of them and re-mount with nsf connection (synology lets you set shares with multiple
  4. I know the feeling. I've used most of the dicker apps in Windows, so I'm comfortable setting up and navigating through the apps. Mylar is driving me crazy. Everything works for me...sab downloads the file and calls the script...mylar does what it's suppose to (rename and move the file). sab then flashes "completed" breifly then abosrts processing. The weird thing is that the comic is moved to my main comic folder (renamed properly) but the status in Mylar still says snatch. When I press recheck files it changes it to downloaded. So on the surface both apps did what they were suppose to.
  5. Thanks for your insight and direction...very appreciated
  6. This is one of the reasons why I rarely ask for direct support on forums as often comments are interpreted as emotional responses. I've been tiailing unraid for a week now. Setup was smooth and almost everything functioned out of the box but I now hesitate to ask for support. Not really sure I want to invest the money or time now after the trial.
  7. Thank you for your help. My question was in no way meant to be was a sincere question as I try to see how support is provided on the forums
  8. Sabnzbd finds it. Mylar for some reason changes permissions of the temporary files it creates in the cache (Mylar cache folder has the correct permissions) if you don't use Mylar then how can you answer questions under the Mylar topic?
  9. So how would I config Mylar from not using the cache?
  10. I was told in the mylar forum that Mylar does the renaming and metadata in temporary folders in the cache, then deletes the files after it moves.
  11. Where in Mylar's settings do i give sabnzbd access to mylar's /config directory?
  12. Thanks. I did look at the logs. Everything is set up witt appropriate permissions. Mylar does exactly what it should (based on the settings I defined), but for some reason when it creates comic (inisde the cache directory) it makes it read only and will not delete (or clean up) after processing. There are not errors until the very end...I'm not sure why the folders inside the cache are being created with different permissions 2018-02-01 19:18:09 WARNING [POST-PROCESSING] Post-Processing ABORTED 2018-02-01 19:18:09 WA