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  1. I had no issues running the SVN versions or any of the latest SAB 0.5 releases - pretty sure all you need on top of the dependencies listed previously is sqlite3 - It'll will complain on first start which version it requires. Should be able to grab it from: http://packages.slackware.it/ -Markus
  2. I believe you can do this by settign the RSS feed to a specific Category and then having that RSS feed only download the specific show you want to go there I can't remember offhand if that is supported in SAB 0.4.x, but it is for sure in the latest alpha's of 0.5.x. It's not the cleanest solution, but it's all i can think of at the moment, and see no issues with it working that way. -Markus
  3. No worries, if you're running MR it will likely stop your drive from spinning down as well (unless you log to the flash drive or to the default log dir, which is on the RAM disk that is wiped on every reboot. The author for MR has been really helpful on the SAB forums as well, the initial setup can be a little confusing, but after that (and setting up a cron job it does the work for you). -Markus
  4. I never had a problem with disk not spinning down... where are you putting the SAB install files (python files) and where is the temp download folder located? I' using an old 40GB drive as I don't have a cache drive, which is where i had all the downloads/logs/SAB cache and the history DB [sAB 0.5a]), that drive never spun down, but it also had a swap file and every 15 minutes it would spin up to log the downloads available using Media Rover. Media Rover uses Python as well, so no other dependencies are required, the post is on the SABnzbd forums here: http://forums.sabnzbd.org/index.php?topic=2262.0 -Markus
  5. Yes those 1.5TB drives are something fierce, if you really have a need for speed this is the next step to make it out perform a Raptor (except in random seeks). http://www.techwarelabs.com/seagate_1-5tb-mod/ - *NOTE* I've never done this, just seems like an interesting idea. It does seem like overkill at present time (in my mind at least) to have a 1.5TB drive as the cache drive, but it does provide the ability to upgrade a drive as you mentioned as well as replace an existing drive should you run into issues. -Markus
  6. My unRAID server with 4 drives (1 WD Black, 1 WD Green, 1 Seagate (all 1TB), plus one OLD 40GB IDE) runs a bit louder than my desktop, but I attribute that to the junk 80mm fans it has. The case is at least 6 years old, fans are still kicking, but I'm waiting for them to start dying so I can sell myself on a new case, likely the CM 590. I recently picked up the same 4-in-3 dock that the CM 590 has and the fan is almost dead quiet - but the LED is Bright... I ended up taping them off with duct tape until I feel the need to swap if for a Scythe. So typical desktop computer is probably accurate, unless your running Panaflows in there. -Markus
  7. I'm running 0.5 alpha 5 at the moment (you need to add in a mysql package). Haven't noticed any stuttering or slow down while unzipping, over the past few months of use, streaming xvid's to my 360 mostly. AMD 3800+ x2 with 2GB of RAM (Even with 1GB RAM + 1GB SWAP I never noticed any issues). -Markus
  8. I had some issues with running out of RAM with only 1GB, but that was running SABnzbd/Twonky and some scripts that converted 2 AVI movies into 1. I believe Joe L. uses a solid 512MB in his original server, so you should be fine with 1GB should you choose to go that route, but if you intend on making your server do more work in the future you will probably benefit from the increase in RAM, I know mine did. Just my 2 cents from my experience, I know SAB is pretty heavy, especially when downloading compared to just SAMBA serving up files. -Markus
  9. This looks awesome, It's pretty simple to add new extensions as well, I "made" one for SABnzbd and another for Twonky so its all on a single page. I prefer to have Bubba's new Custom UI as the main page, so I had the adapt and make an extension for the stock Unraid interface, but that's just personal preference. I have one suggestion though, any chance of dropping the frames and going for a menu driven UI? I'm not a fan of frames and was recently playing around with the FreeNAS UI, which looks great, although unRAID doesn't have nearly as many included addons as stock, the ability to extend it would be great (if thats possible, similar to how the extensions portion works in the current unRAID-Web). One question as well, how do you change the order of the Extensions in the side bar? Thanks again for the great work, the community for unRAID is outstanding, one of the reasons I'm such a fan, well that and the product is amazing. Markus
  10. Weird, I haven't seen that issue, to confirm you're using Python version 2.5.2? You can check by running the following: python -V I only remember having to add sqlite3 and then I had no further issues. -Markus
  11. @Romir - Awesome, I was just looking sat SABnzbd saw that error when I was testing something. It'll be nice to silence that error. @btlupin - I used this package: sqlite3-3.6.4-i486-1kjz.tgz I'm using this package: http://www.linuxpackages.net/pkg_details.php?id=12337 Hope this helps. -Markus
  12. Very good points, I setup a drive outside of the array which seems to work quite well (Going to get a real license soon I hope = a cache drive). I had my article cache set to 200M before...if you don't have at least 1.5GB RAM, do not set it that high. I was having issues with SAB shutting down, turns out unRAID was killing python to save itself. Ended up adding a SWAP file to my out-of-array drive and it seems better now (at least no issues so far). Set SAB to article cache of 100MB until I get more RAM. -Markus
  13. No it hadn't been mentioned, lead me to remember that you will also want to move the cache folder and admin folder off of the flash. The admin folder is only for version 0.5+ as it contains the sqlite db that SAB uses to hold the History. This gets written to after every download and grows, not as bad as the logs, but it should be moved, teh cache dir keeps the history (0.4.x) and the queue info. I believe the above mentioned folders can be changed via the WebUI with the exception of the admin folder, you have to look in the sabnzbd.ini file, for the following line: admin_dir = admin and then change it to a directory of your choice (off of the flash). -Markus
  14. I've been running the trunk version of SABnzbd (Will be version 0.5 one day), it works flawlessly as well. The only thing you need to add to the previous install is SQLite3 (they now have the history in a DB instead of some weird file). Enjoy, Markus
  15. No problem. Trial and error is the name of the game when you're new to Linux and trying to get something working. I've made many mistakes getting this setup for the first time on Linux. Again glad its working and happy downloading. -Markus