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  1. mmm this is looking interesting. Still I wonder... TB3 is USB-C compatible... would this work if the guest computer have only USB-C (yes, I'm trying to get ready for the future of all things USB--C)? I guess not, but damn... The problem is that I can't test this out without buying the components... Or maybe I can put unraid in a VM on my Mac, and try from there... damn, work
  2. well, as far as I understand, on Windows to do this, you need to use this special USB cable. USB Data Transfer Cable. I was wondering if unraid would have some sort of solution for this. But yeah... I might go with the Drobo... =/
  3. =/ Sad.... It could be a feature someday.... just saying. Thanks for the answer.
  4. Hi guys, I was looking here in the forums, but I couldn't find info on this. I want to know if with unraid is possible to create something like a Dobro mini, or Dobro 5D3, 5C. So, basically a box that will keep my files safe in case of driver failure that I can use directly attached to the PC via USB-C, or Thunderbolt 3. All I know is that unraid is great over networks, but couldn't find nothing on using unraid via USB or TB. Is it possible? Thank you.