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  1. I was just hoping there was some way to detect ANYONE either already on the server, server meaning unraid, any docker or other program residing on the unraid platform.... I am paranoid about intrusions as I have been hacked several times.. I was hoping there was a way other than digging through logs etc to find after the fact intrusions rather than the possibility of an alert of some kind in real time. Hope that is more clear.
  2. Hi Squid, Thanks for the info. Do you know if there is anyway to detect the presence of a person, program, or device trying to use my server ?
  3. ok Tal... I installed Dynamix Active Streams. Does this program show activity on any program accessed, say nginx or Emby or dolphin
  4. OK Tal... I will try it now and see. Thanks... let you know after I test
  5. Hi again John... I just triedyour suggestion of ":who" and it showed me as root signed in.. If someone else was on the server would this show me ??
  6. Hi John, As I said, I am concerned about someone hacking into my server. If I could tell at a glance who was using my system that woud be great since if it was someone other than me or my sister I could just shut down and try to find how they got in and fix things
  7. "In general" means when anyone other than me is using the server for anything. I have two users, me and my sister.. So if anyone else is on the system I need to know they have gained access SO, I was inquiring about a way to show me at a glance who is using the system
  8. I should have been more clear.. I would like to know when someone signs into the UNRAID server. I could sign into plex and look at USERS to see if someone is using plex, but I would like to see "in general" if someone is using the unraid server. This is because sometimes I hear disks spin up and go active when I know I should be the only one on the machine and I am only working with the system and the disk it resides on.. That means ?? the only disks spinning would be the disk the system is on and the parity disk. All shares are disk specific so when I see a disk assigned to a specif
  9. Is there a way to see who is using the server, in real time? Thanks
  10. I do not know if this is the correct place to post this but I need help on Emby. and I do not know if it is Emby or docker. I have PLEX running well, but I would really like to use Emby I have downloaded all three versions of Emby via the community app, and tried to get each to work,,,,, and each does the same two things things.. ITEM 1. SOLVED - 2018-07-25 The program displays what looks like code to me instead of icons.. see pictures attached ITEM 2 - SOLVED Still can not figure if it is even a problem or just the way the developers want it to lo
  11. It seems like I have had one too many problems. Over two weeks,, with several all nighters, and I still have not been unable to resolve my problems. I have had minimal success with an even smaller understanding of why . So I figure it is time to pull the plug......and get some rest. This 80 yr old lady really appreciates the help and direction that has come from the forum.members Thanks again Anne.
  12. It is quite a problem for me too... been trying to figure it out for five days and about 12 hours each day, reading and trying different things and I have come a long way from my original problem with the router page showing up to I can login to the unraid UI as root now, but not as a user to see the shares.. Have a great day... I am going to bed,, I am starting to make errors from being tired...
  13. Yes I am trying to access my shares over a VPN connection, and I have a 150mb connection and yes the vpn is working when referring to a VPN connection from a remote laptop. What is NOT working is access to the unraid shares from a remote computer.... Does not matter about speed... I will be traveling and need secure access to my shares. When this gets working, and that is a big question right now,,, I will try to install lets encrypt to make it even more secure.
  14. PROGRESS ? maybe a little OK... via a remote laptop, I can now type the unraid IP into the remote browser , and login as root, and the server comes up .just as if I were local BUT ....I still can not log in as a user, and I still can not see any shares on the unraid server .from the remote location.... unless I log in as root note: curious but on the remote laptop the connection shows up as "unidentified" even when I select "work".... part of problem ? one more thing, when I try to log in as a user that I have already set up in unraid, I get the scree
  15. I talked to Linksys and they said it is supposed to so you can manage the router from a remote location using their program Then I found out my other problems were the result of my cell phone vpn software I changed the software and I made vpn connects. Still having cell phone troubles I called my sister and I now have control of her computer via team viewer. I installed OpenVPN client software , installed her .ovpn profile and connected... HOWEVER I still can not see the shares in the unraid server. I can ping the server IP from here computer and am successful