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  1. Hey, yep it's still available. Feel free to PM any questions. Thanks
  2. I am the original owner of this chassis. The item comes in the original box with all original accessories. All drive caddies are included. And most of all, everything on this chassis works perfectly. This chassis was only used for a few months, and wasn't ran continuously. This chassis has the latest and greatest SAS3 backplane, and comes with titanium level redundant power supplies. I would like around $700 OBO for it. I can ship or do local pickup (located in Phoenix, AZ). This chassis model sells for $1,255 to $1,500 currently. I'm hoping a fellow UNRAID user can get some good use out of this!
  3. And that fixed it. Thank you very much.
  4. Maybe I'm going crazy, maybe I'm not. But has the console output always been red? (This is direct video capture, not a remote terminal session) or was this changed in 6.4?